Level Information
Creator Supemloem
Difficulty NA TBA (Hopefully Insane difficulty or Easy Demon)
Stars TBA Star (Hopefully 9* or 10*)
Level ID NA
Song Whisker
Composer Azazal

Oblivion is an upcoming 2.1 level b

eing created by Supemloem. It is currently set to be an Easy Demon/Insane difficulty level with very rapid game-mode and speed changes, similar to Dark Drop.


This level is currently in its layout phase, consisting of only basic blocks found in 1.1, slopes, and jump orbs. Oblivion consists of many rapid form and speed changes to make the level significantly harder and more confusing. The sync with the song, Whisker, is good, apart from one part where the sync is off. Every singlegamemode as of 2.1 can be found in Oblivion. Supemloem states in his layout video that, "I actually think I'm going to decorate this one." This means that Oblivion may be fully decorated, although it isn't certain. 


The level starts with a normal cube segment, with the music starting before the major drop. This leads into a short auto segment, which then leads into the drop, a triple speed fast paced variety of gamemodes. The speed will ocaisonally slow down for supposed breaks or most likely to add to the effect of the level. After the major drop ends, the player enters a double speed cube section filled with jump orbs. The level ends with a tricky jump, in which if the player jumps automatically on instinct, they will crash.


  • This is the second level by Supemloem to have a layout sneak peek, preceded by "Hard Demon Spider Layout (Cuts)".
  • Oblivion is by far the second hardest level Supemloem has created, preceded by "NyCtOpHoBiA."
  • Supemloem aims to decorate Oblivion in a " Good old-fashioned 2.1 Featured Level deco style," as said in his layout video. 


  • June 19 2017- Supemloem releases a layout video on his Youtube channel entitled "Oblivion Layout (Geometry Dash 2.1 Easy Demon)|| Supemloem//TGOC" Showcasing the layout of Obliivon
  • June 20 2017- Supemloem posts an image of the progress of the decoration on his Instagram. This is shown as the beginning section's decoration.




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