Level Information
Creator Bryan1150
Difficulty Insane Demon Insane Demon
Stars 10 Star
Level ID 16156623
Song Bass Knight
Composer BoomKitty

Obscurum is a 2.0 Insane Demon created by Bryan1150, the creator of Rebellion. The level uses most of Zobros's famous levels. Including Nine Circles and Acropolis.

Overview Edit

The level is one of Bryan1150's demons, along with Rebellion and Creationist. The level features a mash-up or mix of Zobros' levels. The level is a medium or hard demon, despite its length and difficulty.

Gameplay Edit

Obscurum is simply a combination of Zobros's famous levels (and some other ones), excluding Atlas v2, Well Then, and Gravity -- Redux. (Although the 3 are starred and rated). All of the levels that are added are demons. The creator, Bryan1150 have also buffed some parts of the mix to make it sync to the music.

These are the levels that are featured in Obscurum:

  1. 8o
  2. Clubstep Nightmares
  3. Nine Circles
  4. Forsaken Neon
  5. Acropolis
  6. Swing Squad
  7. Ultimate Demon Mix
  8. Luminum

NOTE: 3 of Zobros' rated levels are NOT included in the level itself.

After that, the level ends with the creator's name and with the words: "Zobros 8)".

User Coins Edit

The level contains 3 user coins:

  • The first user coin is located at 19%, at a part resembling 8o, the player must click the blue jump ring near a small spike with crucial timing, getting the coin.
  • The second user coin is located at 41%, in a section imitating Nine Circles. The player must go into a yellow jump pad, once did. They are led to the second user coin, then heading to the normal path.
  • The third user coin is located at 84%, in a section imitating Swing Squad. The player must click the first green jump ring, not the second one, leading them into a saw-blade that turns into a gravity portal for the third coin.

Trivia Edit

  • This level has a length of 2 minutes and 46 seconds long.
  • Both this, and Rebellion have a length of Extra-long.
  • The beginning of the level is very similar to Luminum's, as big letters move upwards from the ground to form the title.
    • In Luminum, the letters are colored yellow, but in Obscurum, the letters are colored purple.
    • The M in Obscurum boosts the player upwards in the beginning, unlike Luminum.
  • This level was verified later by Smokes.
  • Because one of the featured levels is Ultimate Demon Mix, some scenes from other levels not originally by Zobros can be seen, such as DeCode and Theory of Skrillex.
  • This has the title of: 'The longest demon in-game.' However, this title was later placed on to Lonely Travel.
  • There is an easter egg in the beginning of the level, where if you pick the key to trigger a bug-fix, the word: "Obscurum" will be replaced with "Bugscurum".
  • In the 50% of the level, there is a word, "Michigun approves 8)" can be seen, which refers to the triple spikes.
  • The level's name, Obscurum, is a reference to the name of Zobro's 1st 2.0 Demon level, Luminum. Luminum is described as material that is bright, and Obscurum appears to be the opposite of this (material that is dark).
  • A prequel to this was going to be made by Bryan1150, Anarchy. A mix of WOOGI1411's levels, but however, Bryan1150 delayed it until 2.1. He also changed the name into Windswept Prospect.

Walkthrough Edit

Geometry Dash - Obscurum by Bryan1150

Geometry Dash - Obscurum by Bryan1150

Credits to Bryan1150.