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  • The following list orders most difficult and challenging demon levels ever beaten, made by a staff of famous players with the help of the Geometry Dash Community.

The list was restored on October 2nd, and again on December 13, both in 2016.

Note that the list may vary depending of new levels published or community opinions.

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Official List (without records)

Note: C = Creator, V = Verifier, P = Publisher. If there is only one named displayed, then it means the displayed player created, verified and published the level.

Rank Level Creator(s)/Verifier/Publisher Soundtrack GD Period
#1 Erebus C: Rustam & Ilrell

V & P: Boldstep

Event Horizon by xKore 2.0 - 2.1
#2 Sonic Wave C: Cyclic

V & P: ItzSunix

Sonic Blaster by F-777 1.9 - 2.0
#3 Yatagarasu C: GeoStorm (GS)

V & P: TrusTa

Flawless Wings of Yatagarasu by GLS 2.0
#4 Artificial Ascent C: GeoStorm (GS)

V: Combined GS

P: ViPriN

Surface by Dimrain47 2.0
#5 Bausha Vortex C & P: Pennutoh

V: GD Acharne

Fracture by Rukkus 2.0 - 2.1
#6 Devil Vortex C: Rustam

V: ToshDeluxe

Weeping Demon by NemesisTheory 2.1
#7 Sakupen Hell C: Noobas

V & P: TrusTa

Iron God: Sakupen Hell YES RMX by mr-jazzman 1.9 - 2.0
#8 Subsonic C: ViPrin and more

V: Combined

P: ViPrin

Speedbreaker by Djjaner 2.1
#9 The Hell World C: Sohn0924

V & P: Stormfly

Dry Out by DJVI 1.2 - 2.0
#10 Black Blizzard Krazyman50 Dimension by Creo 2.0 - 2.1
#11 Bloodbath C: GeoStorm (GS)

V & P: Riot

At the Speed of Light by Dimrain47 1.9
#12 Phobos C: GMTSean and more

V & P: Krazyman50

Phobos by Solkrieg 1.9 - 2.0
#13 Athanatos C: llExenityll and more

V: Aurorus (hacked)

P: llExenityll

The Falling Mysts by Dimrain47 2.0
#14 Aurora TheKris Cosmic Dreamer by Djjaner 2.1
#15 Infernal Abyss C: Ggb0y, Manix648 and Bianox

V & P: YGYoshl

Dark Dragon Fire by F-777 2.0
#16 Hatred C: AZuLer4 and SrGuillester

V & P: SrGuillester

Hate Everything by Xtrullor 2.0
#17 Conical Depression Krazyman50 Stereo Madness by ForeverBound 2.0
#18 The Hell Zone C: Sohn0924 and more

V & P: Stormfly

Time Machine by Waterflame 1.2 - 2.0
#19 Betrayal of Fate C: Weoweoteo and Xcy7

V & P: Weoweoteo

Betrayal of Fate by Goukisan 2.0
#20 A Bizarre Phantasm C & P: Team N2

V: GoodSmile

Betrayal of Fate by Goukisan 2.0
#21 Down Bass C & P: Valyrie

V: TheRealSneaky (hacked)

DEV - Bass Down Low Remix by Rukkus 1.9 - 2.0
#22 Artificial Ideology C & P: Team N2

V: Knobbelboy

Event Horizon by xKore 2.0
#23 Blade of Justice C: Manix648 and LazerBlitzV: RicoLP

P: Manix648

Betrayal of Fear by Goukisan 2.0 - 2.1
#24 Audio Extraction C: GoodSmile and more

V & P: GoodSmile

Infinite Power! by TheFatRat 2.0
#25 Plasma Pulse III C: xSmoKes and Giron David

V & P: xSmoKes

Paradise On E (Remix) by API 2.0
#26 Aftermath C: IIExenityII and more

V & P: Satcho

At the Speed of Light by Dimrain47 2.0
#27 Novalis GrylleX Popcorn (Remix) by ColBreakz 2.1
#28 Breakout C: Surv and Joshawott

V & P: Surv

Lockout by Lockyn 2.0
#29 Twisted Tranquility C: Flukester and more

V: Boldstep

P: Flukester

2k9 Battle Jam by Meganeko 2.1
#30 Niflheim C & P: Vismuth

V: Koreaqwer

Another World by Razorrekker 2.0 - 2.1
#31 Red World Rebirth C: SaRy, NePtunE and more

V & P: Riot

Clubstep by Dj-Nate 1.8 - 2.0
#32 The Flawless C: IlIRyanIlI and more

V: TrusTa

P: IlIRyanIlI

Flawless Wings of Yatagarasu by GLS 2.0
#33 The Hell Factory C & P: Team N2

V: Powerbomb

Flawless Wings of Yatagarasu by GLS 1.9 - 2.0
#34 Cataclysm C & P: GGb0y

V: Riot

At The Speed of Light by Dimrain47 1.9 - 2.0
#35 Elite Z Rebirth C: Krazyman50, AirSwipe and PLAY 4075365

V & P: Krazyman50

Theory of Everything by Dj-Nate 1.8 - 2.0
#36 Uprise C: Blad3M and Menkatjezzz

V: Ninetales

P: Blad3M

EnV - Uprise by Envy 2.0
#37 Allegiance C & P: NikroPlays

V: Rlol

I Got No Time by TheLivingTombstone 2.0
#38 Deception Dive C: Rustam and more

V: Berke423

P: Rustam

Scorpion by BurgeraX 2.1
#39 Heartbeat C: Krazyman50, AirSwipe and AncientAnubis

V & P: Krazyman50

Heartbeat by SnoodDood 1.9 - 2.0
#40 The Ultimate Phase C: GW AnDRomedA and more

V & P: Andromeda

The Final Phase by Darkmetroidomega 1.9
#41 Ice Carbon Diablo X Roadbose Clubstep by Dj-Nate 1.6
#42 Retention WOOGI1411 Gravity by Shut Eye 2.0
#43 Photovoltaic C: Mazl and more

V: Quantum

P: Mazl

System Split by F-777 2.0
#44 Creeper Force CreeperMILK Hexagon Force by Waterflame 1.8 - 1.9
#45 Hypersonic C: ViPrin, ZenthicAlpha and more

V: Combined

P: ViPrin

10000 by ColBreakz 2.1
#46 Galaxy Breaker C & P: Bianox


The Cosmos by MafiaPineapple 2.0
#47 Hate War C: Stormfly, SaRy and S1l3nce

V & P: Stormfly

Electrodynamix by Dj-Nate 1.7 - 2.0
#48 Cosmic Calamity C: Geometry Dash Forum members

V & P: SrGuillester

The Cosmos by MafiaPineapple 2.0
#49 Quest For Perfection C: LazerBlitz (and GGb0y)

V: MaxiS9

P: LazerBlitz

At The Speed of Light by Dimrain47 2.0
#50 Galatic Fragility C & P: TeamSmokeWeed

V: Cyclic (hacked)

Eurodancer by TMM43 1.9

Legacy Demons

These are insane demons selected by the list staff that were formerly on the demons list before being removed due to the addition of harder levels, or just demons that hold a lot of significance.

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