Country Batusangkar
Age Unknown
Levels 18 (14 starred)
Other Info
Crew None
Position None
YouTube Channel [1]

Olympic is a Geometry Dash player and creator. He is known for making several Hard-rated levels. His notable rated levels are Telluric, For you, Aether, along with Alone.


  • Moolight - his first level ever created and his first rated level. Uses Adrift as its own song.
  • Alone - his first level to have a silver user coin, his third most downloaded and liked level to date.
  • Screamroom - his first harder-rated level.
  • Don't Come - an another hard-rated level. His first level to use a song by Bossfight.
  • Euphoria Dimension - his second harder-rated level.
  • Aether - his second most downloaded level to date, a normal rated level.
  • Vaganza - his third harder rated level, uses the song FireFrost by Envy.
  • Virtual Showdown - a harder-rated level, which is second song to use a song by Bossfight.
  • Rhythmic - his only rated level that was not featured.
  • Telluric - his most downloaded level to date, an easy-rated level.
  • Astortion - An another hard-rated level. Was 5th place in Jeyzor's CC.
  • Mirage - an another hard-rated level.
  • Transvision - an another hard rated level.
  • For You - an another hard rated level, uses the song For You by Multex.
  • Imprezza - his latest level, was rated hard.


  • Despite his name, he is not affiliated with the Olympics.
  • Despite being a top creator in Geometry Dash, he doesn't have any demon levels created.

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