Orb Lab
Orb lab
Level Information
Creator DaPeckDashur
Difficulty Unrated N/A
Stars 0Star
Level ID 19706157
Song Lets Bounce
Composer Shtriga

Orb Lab is a very hard, yet unrated level created by DaPeckDashur in 2.0.

Description Edit

This level is an unrated level hacked by Anaban. The level is extremely hard due to its mixed duals, crucial timings, precise timings, and button mashing. This level has a custom background that changes from green to blue to red and back every transition. However, because it seems pretty bad, RobTop is not going to rate this level.

Gameplay Edit

The level starts with a black screen with the cubes not visible. The words "Let's Go!" flash on the screen. Next, the player enters a very short part where the player must act instantaneously. After that there is an UFO and ball segment where the player must tap to the beat. Then there is a spam wave segment, after which there is a dual cube and a ship sequence that requires very precise timing. After that there is a mini cube part where the player needs to jump with crucial timing. Then there is a Ditched Machine styled part and then a VeritY styled part. After that, there is a neon cluster part. Afterwards, there is the only part that is memorization. There is a rapid dual with one very hard jump as well as a tricky ball part, then a insane swing-copter section. Following that, there is a mini robot segment derived directly from a robot challenge. Then there is a slow speed mini cube segment, followed by a Ditched Machine styled part that takes up the rest of the level except for the end, which is Elite Z styled where the player must straight fly 2 spaces above the ground. The screen flashes and turns black. The player must hold down or else the player dies, and text appears saying "R.I.P. Headphone Users!" After that, the level ends.

Trivia Edit

  • This level has most of its parts taken from other levels and redesigned.
  • It took Catalytical 12,739 attempts to complete this level.
  • This level is part of a tetralogy that is comprised of Ring Lab, Ring Lab II, Ring Lab III (Unreleased), and Orb Lab.
  • This level was once beaten with the spacebar, making it even more impressive.
  • There is a 12% bug where the player goes higher than usual.

Fails Edit

  • Catalytical crashed at 94% and at 98%.