Level Information
Creator Surv and Viprin
Difficulty Demon Demon
Stars 10Star
Level ID 20350031
Song Team A
Composer MadhouseDUDE

Oridion is a demon level which was created by Surv and Viprin and is Surv's third rated demon. It is somewhat difficult due to precise timings and fast-paced gameplay It is mostly considered a very easy or easy demon.


Oridion is a 2.0 demon, and is a collab between Surv and Viprin, split into two parts, with Viprin's part being first and Surv's being last. Its decor and gameplay is fairly simple, and utilises a little bit of 2.0 effects in the gameplay throughout the level.


The level starts as Viprin's part, a fairly simple cube with a little bit of timing. It then changes to an easy but slightly tricky ball segment, containing the first coin, followed by a slighly trickier UFO segment that requires some timing. A moderately difficult robot part follows, containing the second coin. This part is moderately difficult due to some tricky timing, and even more so if the player chooses to go for the coin. The robot then transitions to a somewhat easier cube with more timing. An irritating dual ball follows up that can be quite buggy if the player does not do the timings well, followed by a very simple cube. The player goes into an auto ship part with the level's name, "Oridion".

The music then drops, with the text "Good luck!" and the player enters Surv's part. This starts as a moderately difficult wave with mashing, and then enters a very easy ball part, quickly followed by a simple cube part with two jumps. The level then mirrors and goes into a diffcult dual wave with tricky timing and an invisible gravity portal, followed by a moderately difficult UFO with tricky timing, and then a brief and simple wave. However, the way the player does the wave can heavily influence how the transition from the wave to the robot will lay itself out, so it must be done it a proper way to avoid frustration due to what would seem to be a bug, rather just the design of the level. Otherwise, the robot is fairly easy. This is followed by another easy ship part with a few jump rings and gravity changes, followed by another cube containing the third coin. The cube is easy, but can be much trickier if the player chooses to go for the coin, due to timing. The cube goes briefly auto, with the text "Nearly there!" appearing. Starting from here, the rest of the actual gameplay is in triple speed.

The player transitions to an easy dual cube, followed by a brief but tricky mini wave, and then another simple cube. Another easy dual cube follows, again followed by a brief but tricky mini wave, and then an auto cube. The player then transitions to an easy dual ball, then into an easy cube, and then into a slightly trickier robot. The player transitions back to a cube, and at the end, changes to single speed, going into an auto part. The creators' names, "Surv" and "Viprin" appear. The level then ends.


  • In the second ball segment, the player can skip any further movement after going through the blue gravity portal. What was intended is the player go up straight after and then back down, as shown in the video below.

User coins

The level has three silver coins, all of which are fairly tricky to get due to timing, except the first one, which is very easy to get.

  1. The first coin is located in the first ball, at 7%. After hitting the first jump pad in the first cube segment, the player will fall onto a platform where they may notice a part of the line is not glowing. They must jump as soon as they hit the platform, and they will fall through the non-glowing lines. The rest of the way to the coin is auto.
  2. The second coin is in the first robot, at 22%. The player must jump in a specific way and avoid the pink jump pad and a pink jump ring. If done correctly, they will go through invisible gravity portals and change to mini size. This area contains the second coin. The jump out of the area is quite tricky, however, and must be timed precisely.
  3. The last coin is located at the cube before the triple speed segment, at 67%. This coin requires careful timing to get. The player must hit the green jump ring as late as possible to get the last coin, and then hit one pink jump ring. The level will bring them to the auto part after this.


  • Surv did this level with both a spacebar and his mouse, using his spacebar for Viprin's part and the mouse for his own part. He said it was because he did not want to break his mouse.


Oridion (Demon) by Surv & Viprin — "Geometry Dash 201:13

Oridion (Demon) by Surv & Viprin — "Geometry Dash 2.0"

Credit to Danilkaz.

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