Pacmans day
Pacmans day
Level Information
Creator NetherDon
Difficulty Harder Harder
Stars 6Star
Level ID 11435802
Song PAC-MAN's Day Off
Composer Yahtzei

Pacmans day (supposed to be Pacman’s Day), is a 2.0 level created by NetherDon.

Gameplay Edit

The inspiration of the level is obvious, but the visual appearance is enhanced with the creator taking advantage of 2.0 features like moving objects. It starts with a simple mini cube, with animations along the way, then goes into a ship which is simply automatic with an animated score counter. Following that is a rather tight wave sequence, probably inspired from Etzer's HyperArcade, but not as difficult. It then moves to a mini robot, where the first secret coin is located. A mini ball follows. It leads into a box open on both ends, but then the box appears to stop, at the same time "Stop!" appears in the centre. Obstacles then start to enter, and at the end the text changes to "Go!" and the box moves out, the player then has to flip gravity to enter the opening, which leads into a mini-UFO which is covered by a ghost from the franchise, and the player chases a Pac-Man while avoiding enlarged obstacles. Following that is a robot (as the jump height is controllable) being covered by, surprisingly, Mario. The objects have also became Mario-themed. Finally, it changes to a ship, with the Pac-Man design back, along with thank messages and the creator's name, all with in-game text. The level then ends.

Trivia Edit

  • With the exception of the last group, all the portals in this level are shrunken.