Level Information
Creator GuitarHeroStyles, ChiefFlurry, JustPark, iAres, Elayad, Fillipsmen, StarshipGD, Andy10Nob, Rock3rol, Zafkiel, BitZel, Lucasyecla99, Angryboy, AlexTheGood, NeoGamer, JamesGrosso, verified and published by GuitarHeroStyles
Difficulty Insane Demon Insane Demon
Stars 10Star
Level ID 33364327
Song This Isn't Science Rocket (2015 Edition)
Composer F-777

Panasonic is an Insane Demon megacollaboration by GuitarHeroStyles and 15 more unknown creators. Due to its 2 minutes 43 seconds length and the timings, it's generally considered an Insane/Extreme Demon. It was verified and published by GuitarHeroStyles.


The level starts out as a simple normal cube segment, which becomes a short robot and cube segment at the drop with a brief ship sequence and then a cube segment, followed by a ball segment with multiple speed portals and invisibility triggers, similar to Viprin's part in Subsonic. A cube segment then comes after this, accompanied by a wave and a cube with a dash orb leading into the next section, a very short spider/UFO dual. The level then transitions to a fast-paced cube, ship, and ball section. A slightly slower robot and ship part appear after that. Afterwards, a ball and spider segment begins, transitioning to a brief cube and robot leading up to a ship, ball, and robot segment. This is followed by a slow cube and mini cube segment with hard timings. This is followed by a faster cube and robot section, leading up to a very fast UFO, wave, spider, and spider swing-copter segment. Next, there is a normal speed cube segment with numerous background pulses that make it hard to see, with a brief wave part in it, followed by a short ship, ball and robot segment, then once again transitioning into a cube segment. This cube has a brief spider and wave part in it as well. A ball segment comes afterwards, followed by a cube section and then a spider segment. Next, there are ship, mini wave, cube, and robot sections. Finally, there is an auto part where a TV is turned on, listing all of the names of the creators. JamesGrosso's cube then tries to enter the player's view, but is pulled back off of the screen. The last part is a "GG" sign with GuitarHeroStyles's YouTube icon, and later, a screen displaying "PANASONIC" above of it "Ideas for life." Then, the level ends.


  • This level is apparently named after a TV company called Panasonic, hence the TV animation at the very end of the level.


MI NIVEL DEMON! - "PANASONIC" by ItsAdvyStyles & many more! - Geometry Dash 2

MI NIVEL DEMON! - "PANASONIC" by ItsAdvyStyles & many more! - Geometry Dash 2.1 - GuitarHeroStyles

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