Country South Korea
Age 21
Levels 25 (19 Starred)
Other Info
Crew AP
Position 89398 (Global)

107 (Creators)

YouTube Channel [1]
Partition (rarely called by his nickname, Checky) is a popular South Korean player, level creator, and YouTuber in Geometry Dash, with more than 100,000 subscribers on his channel. He regularly hosts multiple video series, his most popular being the "Full Version" series, where he modifies standard Geometry Dash levels, from Stereo Madness to Deadlocked, to extend and cover the entire music length. His second most popular series is his "Free Stars + Secret Way" series, where he searches for starred levels with secret ways. More recently he has started another series called "Partition Challenge", where he attempts to do simple challenge levels.

He now moved to a new channel because he waited for YouTube money for one year, but he was scammed for about one thousand dollars, and he lost his patience.

Levels Edit

  • Demon Levels
    • Dark Hell
  • Normal Levels
    • Partition Madness
    • Sad Ending
    • Theory of Geometry (collab with Karister, Softable and Lynar)
    • Traum
    • Paradise Lost
    • Monochrome (collab with Delmas)
    • PartyZion
    • Smart way
    • City view
    • Mystic portar
    • Fortress
    • Arcane
    • Road of Vanishing
    • Cry Baby
    • Sgt Frog
  • Auto Levels
    • Kinetic Auto
    • Potential Auto
    • Auto Geometry Dash
    • Clutter Auto
    • Auto to 4000block
  • Unrated Levels
    • Light Autotime
    • Hexagon Force Full
    • Youtube Subscribe
    • Pray For Paris
    • Rainbow Troll
    • Save Skitten

Trivia Edit

  • He currently ranks in the top 1000 in the global leader-board.
  • He started playing Geometry Dash since its official release.
  • Partition has mentioned in one of his videos that "RobTop doesn't like secret ways."
  • He is also known for his (poor) video editing effects and regularly using the Lenny face in virtually every video.
  • Partition is also part of AP (A Plus), a Korean Geometry Dash creator team, which includes many well known creators such as Dorami.
  • He is also skilled at the piano.
  • On August 2nd, 2017, He reached 100,000 subscribers on YouTube, and he showed his Korean face. Other YouTubers that have reached 100,000 subscribers are AleXPain24, Riot, EricVanWilderman, Bycraftxx, Souls TRK, MiKha, ToshDeluxe, GuitarHeroStyles, ViPriN, Michigun, Merg, and Flub.
    • In addition, he is one of the Geometry Dash YouTubers with a verified YouTube channel (being marked as a check in a box, next to their names), the others being: TheGrefg, Bycraftxx, AleXPain24ToshDeluxe, EricVanWildermanRiot, GuitarHeroStyles, and RobTop's own YouTube channel.
  • Although being a famous Geometry Dash Youtuber, his channel gets a lot of hate for making very clickbaity-videos.
    • RiverCiver even claims him to be the worst popular Geometry Dash YouYuber.