Country Germany
Age 15
Levels 13 (9 Starred)
Other Info
Crew GS
Position 349
YouTube Channel [1]

pasiblitz is a somewhat known Geometry Dash player, especially known for being one of the fastest demon beaters. With 1000 demons, he is even outmatching Michigun. To quote himself: "I'm trying to beat every demon." and with great success. Some of his more notable demons are The Ultimate Phase, Ice Carbon Diablo X, Creeper Force, Necropolis, Ultraviolet, Ultrasonic, The JanuS Miracle, Ruined Journey, Sparklic Ocean, Pyromaniac, Critical Fusion, Forbidden Sector, Future Demoness, Madhouse, Effot, Luminum and more. He is also known for making some Hard to Insane demons, being The Caverns, Lets Bounce, The Caverns II & X Adventure.

Levels Edit

1.7 Edit

  • Rainbowrace (His first uploaded and starred level)

1.8 Edit

  • Hex Flex
  • Hexamans Adventure

1.9 Edit

  • Luck
  • Demonclub
  • The Caverns (His first demon)
  • Dualpex (Collab with Mazl)
  • Lets Bounce (His second demon)
  • Momentum (An entry for one of Mazl's CCs)
  • The Caverns II (His second hardest demon & a remake of The Caverns)
  • Wave Shenanigans (A joke-like, wave challenge level)

2.0 Edit

  • X Adventure (His hardest demon, an entry for Zobros CC)
  • X Adventure Copyable

Trivia Edit

  • pasiblitz is the first person to reach 1000 demons legit.
  • pasiblitz seems to love playing with black and red color, most notably beating NC levels
  • pasiblitz is the first person to beat all "Old Demons" (demons prior to 1.9) with Ice Carbon Zust being the last one he beat.
  • pasiblitz deleted all of his posts and only left one status, being: " ... ,-, ".
  • pasiblitz's skill looks like Zobros's skill.(even higher)
  • He was trying to beat Cataclysm as his 1,000th demon milestone, but he beat The Ultimate Phase instead.