Pasiblitz weeb
Country Germany
Age 14-15
Levels 14
Other Info
Crew Unknown
Position 531
YouTube Channel [1]

Pasiblitz is an extremely talented German player and creator who is most famous for being the first player to beat 1000 demons and creating demons like X Adventure and The Caverns.


Unrated levels

  • Dualplex - Another 1.9 Demon-worthy level styled like most of the 1.9 levels.
  • Momentum - A 1.9 level that many say should have been rated or featured.
  • Wave Shenanigans - A really hard wave challenge.
  • X Adventure Copyable - A copyable version of X Adventure containing a secret way.
  • Arctic Area - A glow-based and Demon-worthy level that never got rated.

Harder levels

  • Luck - An early 1.9 level reminiscent of ToE2.

Insane levels

  • Rainbowrace - A rainbow-themed level.
  • Hex Flex - A Hexagon Force-styled level with the official song Hexagon Force.
  • Hexamans Adventure - A glow-styled level with the official song Electroman Adventures.
  • Demonclub - A 1.8 red-and-black level with the official song Clubstep.

Demon levels

Hard Demon levels

  • Lets Bounce - An early 1.9 timing-based demon.

Insane Demon levels

  • The Caverns - A moderately difficult 1.9 level, many think of it as the easiest Insane Demon of Geometry Dash.
  • The Caverns II - A sequel to The Caverns.
  • X Adventure - A very difficult Electroman Adventures remake.


  • X Adventure is his only level that contains verified user coins.
  • The last comment he made on his account was on his level X Adventure Copyable.