Country Argentina
Age  ?
Levels 27 (26 Starred, 24 Featured)
Other Info
Crew None
Position 41 (Creators)
YouTube Channel Unknown

Picha is a South American level creator in Geometry Dash. He is mostly known for his level The Spaceman and later for his first demon level System Split, although his most downloaded and liked level is Triple Step.

Levels Edit

1.7 and earlier Edit

  • Cheless
  • PeteX
  • Energy Circut

1.8 Edit

  • Land of Tomorrow
  • Memories of a Dream
  • Rise of the Machines
  • ExtasyStep
  • Days of Glory
  • The One
  • Extreme Party
  • Night Creature

1.9 Edit

  • Make it Drop
  • The Spaceman
  • Drop the Base
  • Positive Vibe
  • The Spaceman II
  • Everlasting
  • Runaway
  • Triple Step (His most downloaded and liked level)
  • Time Control
  • System Split (His first demon)
  • Pearl Essence
  • Happy Level
  • Faraway
  • Crystal Power (A demon rated mega-collab. His part is the last)
  • End of Season

2.0 Edit

  • New Adventures

Trivia Edit

  • Picha was almost never seen in community sites or He once had a YouTube channel with a video of one of his levels, but that channel was never confirmed to be real.
  • Picha only made one level during Update 2.0, but he returned building recently.
  • In his level System Split, there's a recreation of the monster in the first sneek peek of 2.0.
    • The monster shows around the 50% mark.