Country Argentina
Age Unknown
Levels 28 (26 starred)
Other Info
Crew None
Position 80795 (Global)

84 (Creators)

YouTube Channel [1]
Picha is an Argentinian player and level creator in Geometry Dash. He is mostly known for his level The Spaceman and later for his first demon level System Split, although his most downloaded and liked level is Triple Step.


1.7 and earlier


  • Energy Circuit (featured)- This level is a step up from PeteX, as there is basic block design, and the gameplay is a touch better as well. Although the creator called it "the most beautiful online level," the level is a little bit of an eyesore, and in the comments some people disagree with his statement. Although this level is featured, it only has roughly 27,000 downloads and roughly 3000 likes, and the top comment has 3 likes.


  • Cheless (unrated)- This level is a fairly old level, as can be told by the decoration, which is mediocre, as well as the gameplay. The song is Clutterfunk. Although this level never got very popular (the most liked comment has 5 likes) it still has almost 16,000 downloads.
  • PeteX (starred)- This level is also fairly old, but the decoration and gameplay are definitely a step up from Cheless. However, the blocks used are mostly the normal blocks. Since this level is starred, it got a little more famous, amassing roughly 23,000 downloads and 2400 likes to date. Fun fact- Danolex commented on this level, saying xD. Although the comment is only a year old, it still is the top comment by far.



  • Extreme Party (featured)- This level has decent Hexagon Force-style deco, and the song Back on Track. The colors change frequently. This level is a little more famous, with roughly 43,000 downloads and 4,000 likes. There is not much else to say, as this level is pretty basic and similar to Hexagon Force.
  • The One (featured)- According to Picha, this level is a Can't Let Go remake, with the assumed song of Can't Let Go, although the gameplay and decoration are quite different. The first thing to see when a player enters the level is the glow- the blocks have glow decoration. This makes the level, unlike some of his other levels, visually appealing. It has almost 60,000 downloads and almost 6,000 likes.
  • ExtacyStep (featured)- This level, like The One, has some block glow, but not as much as The One. It is an xStep remake, and although the gameplay is different, it still resembles xStep in a way. The level has roughly 46,000 downloads and about 5000 likes.
  • Rise of the Machines (featured)- This level, as assumed by the title, is a tech-based level with the song Time Machine. The creator calls it a "Terminator 3 GMD Parody," and that is fairly accurate, although the graphics were not as detailed, and there was no real resemblance to Terminator in the level besides the tech theme. The level has almost 94,000 downloads, and almost 8000 likes, making it one of his more famous levels of the time.


  • Land of Tomorrow (featured)- This level is Hexagon Force styled, with the song Dry Out. However, the sync is virtually non-existent. The design is not terrible, but like stated earlier, it is styled like Hexagon Force. It has a touch more than 40,000 downloads, and a bit more than 2,000 likes.
  • Memories of a Dream (featured)- This level is also reminiscent of Hexagon Force, but it is more simplistic than his other levels. The song is Cycles. As stated by a commenter, the level plays well and is aesthetically pleasing. The level has roughly 2600 likes, and 35,000 downloads.
  • Days of Glory (featured)- This level uses the song Theory of Everything. The level uses many fairly new decorations, and it looks good. It uses lots of pulse, not only on the level as a whole but the objects. The level uses a variety of objects and decorations. The level has almost 4000 likes, and almost 35000 downloads.
  • Night Creature (featured)- This level was made for Halloween. The song is Polargeist. The level is fairly bright, and uses many decorations, a lot for its time. It uses a good mix of deco from different eras to create a good-looking level with fun (if not copy-paste) gameplay and decent sync. The level has roughly 6500 likes and almost 80000 downloads.


  • Make it Drop
  • The Spaceman
  • Drop the Base
  • Positive Vibe
  • The Spaceman II
  • Everlasting
  • Runaway
  • Triple Step (His most downloaded and liked level)
  • Time Control
  • System Split (His first demon)
  • Pearl Essence
  • Happy Level
  • Faraway
  • Crystal Power (A demon rated mega-collab. His part is the last)
  • End of Season


  • New Adventures


  • Picha was almost never seen in community sites or He once had a YouTube channel with a video of one of his levels, but that channel was never confirmed to be real.
  • Picha only made one level during Update 2.0, but he returned to building recently.
  • In his level System Split, there's a recreation of the monster in the first sneek peek of 2.0.
    • The monster shows around the 50% mark.