Plasma Pulse II
Level Information
Creator Giron and Smokes
Difficulty Insane Demon Insane Demon
Stars 10Star
Level ID 13457056
Song Intercept 2
Composer DJ-Nate

Plasma Pulse II is a 2.0 Insane Demon collaboration created by Giron and Smokes. It is known mainly for its difficult timings and some tight spaces. The level also keeps the same style throughout the level. It is generally considered an Insane Demon and is on the legacy list of the Official Geometry Dash Demon List.


The level starts with a difficult cube section with some hard timings and tricky orb placements. This is followed by a similar ball segment. Next, there is a very tight wave segment that eventually goes through a lot of size portals.

There is then a UFO part with a bunch of jump orbs and hard timings. Afterwards, there is a dual cube segment with some hard timings as well as a little memorization. The level goes on with a ship sequence with several portals that later becomes a half speed dual segment.

Then, there is a slow cube part with some hard timings that later becomes a robot part. The level continues by going back to another cube section, to make the player transition into a difficult dual cube segment. The dual cube segment will be separated by two cube/robot mixed dual segments, which in general requires lots of skill and timing.

Finally, there is a robot segment with a two-spike jump and then, the level ends, displaying the texts "Smokes" and "Giron".

User Coins

  • The first coin is located in the first cube section. The player must not tap the blue gravity portal/yellow orb at 8%, and then must make two key jumps to obtain the coin.
  • The second coin is located at the ball segment at around 22%. The player has to tap the blue jump orb to go through a fake and get the coin.
  • The third coin is located around 78% within the half speed cube segment. The player must tap the green jump orb quickly and go through a fake to claim the coin.


  • The level was originally going to be a solo level.
  • Hence the name, the level has a prequel called Plasma Pulse, but also a sequel called Plasma Pulse III.


Geometry Dash -Demon- Plasma Pulse II By Smokes & GironDavid (me)

Geometry Dash -Demon- Plasma Pulse II By Smokes & GironDavid (me)

Credits to Giron David himself. This verification shows the full walkthrough of Plasma Pulse II, as well as the location of the three user coins.