Platinum Adventure
Level Information
Creator ItsJerry4vn
Difficulty Easy Demon Easy Demon
Stars 10Star
Level ID 5904109
Song Endgame
Composer Waterflame

Platinum Adventure is a 1.9/2.0 demon level created by ItsJerry4vn. The level is considered one of the most easiest demons, including The Nightmare, and The Lightning Road.


Platinum Adventure is a 1.9 level created by Jerry4Vietnam. Despite this, he updated the level which changed everything, from the gameplay and design to 2.0 with moving objects and colorful effects. The level features three bronze coins.


The level starts in ship mode with wide spaces, teleportation and few hazards. Then a wave path appears, between pointed blocks and gravity changes. With an awkward timing the player meets a teleportation that leads to a double speed ball part with some rings. Then the player becomes a UFO. This section features moving obstacles. Another teleportation leads to a single speed robot with moving rainbow platforms, spikes and a couple of easy tricks. Then a somewhat easy ship appears with glowing stars, 1.4 sawblades and gravity portals. The last teleportation lends to an easy cube with few tricks and rings. The cube involves in a further easy and relaxing ball with few hazards and double speed. The level ends with a brief cube with few jumps and tricks. There is also a troll guiding light cube in 98%, if player jump on that cube, there will be a 98% crash.


  • After the 100k likes update, many people thought this level had 5 coins. But actually it only has 3 coins. as those coins are moving to another position that is possible to get (the first position of the coins are impossible/very hard to get. For example, the first coin is extremely difficult to obtain (though possible, contrary to popular belief) without crashing, but it will move to a easy-to-get position in the first Ship part.
    • The illusion of more than three coins is also seen in Luminum.
  • This level is the first demon that Noobas beat after his hacking confession (in 1.9).
  • Platinum Adventure was made and rated in 1.9. It was a demon-worthy level, however, Jerry4Vietnam updated the level to auto. The next day he updated the level to a semi-auto level, keeping the first half of the level being auto. In 2.0, he made a total change to the level. He rebuilt the level with 2.0 objects making it MUCH MORE visually appealing and MUCH easier.


Geometry Dash Demon Levels - Platinum Adventure (by jerry4vietnam)01:31

Geometry Dash Demon Levels - Platinum Adventure (by jerry4vietnam)

Credit to Muzik Bike

Old version of Platinum Adventure01:33

Old version of Platinum Adventure

Credit to GuitarHeroStyles for gameplay.

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