Poltergeist Reborn
Poltergeist Reborn
Level Information
Creator Penntuoh and Andromeda (Verified and published by ThePrimeEvil)
Difficulty TBA (Hopefully Extreme Demon)
Stars TBA (Hopefully 10*)
Level ID TBA
Song Poltergeist
Composer NightKilla (AKA Rukkus)

Poltergeist Reborn is a 2.0 Nine Circles level about 1 minute long, created by Andromeda and Pennutoh. It is obviously a rebirth level of Poltergeist by Andromeda. It has been verified and published by ThePrimeEvil and is currently set to place around the top eight.


The level starts off as a tricky cube segment, then a ball, both on normal speed. As the buildup starts, the player transitions to a slow cube segment. Next, the player enters a short ship sequence, which consists of a short straight fly segment, and then an auto cube segment with a ton of orbs. Just before the drop, there are 2 double spikes and 3 mini spikes, as well as a creepy face in the background. Then, the music drops, and the player enters a triple-speed wave segment, which has many spikes, saws, gravity portals, mini/big portals, and some mirror portals. After that, there is a brief ship part, back to wave, and then slow cube which says: "here's your break! \:D/" After doing a few hard jumps, there is a short half speed wave segment, the player enters a cube segment, and then back to the wave segment. Next there is a dual portal, a single portal shortly after, and then a normal speed memory piece. Then, there's another break which has many tricky jumps and says: "One last chill part!" After that there is a short wave segment that requires memory with flashing diamonds, goes to a ship sequence, and then the level ends.


(VERIFIED!!) Poltergeist Reborn - -Extreme Demon- - By- Pennutoh - Geometry Dash02:38

(VERIFIED!!) Poltergeist Reborn - -Extreme Demon- - By- Pennutoh - Geometry Dash

Credits to ThePrimeEvil himself. This verification video shows the full walkthrough of Poltergeist Reborn.

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