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Poltergeist Reborn
Poltergeist Reborn
Level Information
Creator Penntuoh and Andromeda (Verified and published by ThePrimeEvil)
Difficulty Extreme Demon Extreme Demon
Stars 10Star
Level ID 36886759
Song Poltergeist
Composer NightKilla (AKA Rukkus)

Poltergeist Reborn is a 2.1 Nine Circles level about 1 minute long, created by Andromeda and Pennutoh. It is obviously a rebirth level of Poltergeist by Andromeda. It has been verified and published by ThePrimeEvil and is currently set to place around the top eight.


The level starts off with a tricky cube section that contains an LDM key, then a ball segment, both on normal speed. As the buildup starts, the player transitions to a slow cube segment. Next, the player enters a short ship sequence, which consists of a short straight fly segment, and then an auto cube segment with a ton of orbs. Just before the drop, there are 2 double spikes and 3 mini spikes, as well as a creepy face in the background. Then, the music drops, and the player enters a triple-speed wave segment, which has many spikes, saws, gravity portals, mini/big portals, and some mirror portals. After that, there is a brief ship part, back to wave, and then slow cube which says: "here's your break! \:D/" After doing a few hard jumps, there is a short half speed wave segment, the player enters a cube segment, and then back to the wave segment. Next there is a dual portal, a single portal shortly after, and then a normal speed memory piece. Then, there's another break which has many tricky jumps and says: "One last chill part!" After that there is a short wave segment that requires memory with flashing diamonds. Afterwards, the player enters one final ship sequence. Then, the level ends.


(VERIFIED!!) Poltergeist Reborn - -Extreme Demon- - By- Pennutoh - Geometry Dash

(VERIFIED!!) Poltergeist Reborn - -Extreme Demon- - By- Pennutoh - Geometry Dash

Credits to ThePrimeEvil himself. This verification video shows the full walkthrough of Poltergeist Reborn.

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