Produced Topping
Level Information
Creator TheKermits/CancerFrog
Difficulty Harder Harder
Stars 6 Star (Hopefully)
Level ID N/A
Song Nutella
Composer Wasdernoob

Produced Topping is an upcoming 2.1 harder level being created by TheKermits. It will be his first 2.1 level that he has made so far.

Gameplay Edit

The level starts off with a lot of transitions and simple decorations. The player goes from cube to ship and then back to cube. In this area, the first coin is located. After the coin, the player enters a short wave segment before turning into ship. Before going into UFO mode there is a cube sequence. Then there is a UFO part with moving objects, and a slightly longer mini cube sequence that follows. Then the cube returns to normal size, with a depressing atmosphere to it. The cube turns into a wave where the second coin is located. Then, there is a UFO segment, followed by the level currently ending since the level is a work in progress.