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Project Aerrakor

History (so far)

Not much is really known about Project Aerrakor. One of the earliest mentions of a level, then called Aerrakor, was from Andromeda. On the 22nd of November, Andromeda uploaded a video on his YouTube channel entitled "Aerrakor" Preview by Andromeda and someone else not mentioned. This video was purely just a musical trailer for the level and so didn't contain any gameplay, but of course, this didn't stop mentions of who this mystery creator was, and eventually, it was spiraling around the GD community, but the answer would come from Zimnior12, a creator of impossible levels and a hacker alike, eventually he commented it was him who started the collab not Andromeda. After that point a handful of creators also claimed that they were part of the collab level and so slowly this started to show a bigger picture of what the level might be like proving that is was really a much larger collab than initially thought. Before long Zimnior12 was largely accepted to be the leader and verifier of Project Aerrakor. Then, for a while, not much was heard about the collab until the end of May, when Zimnior12 posted a list of parts in the level Project Aerrakor on Twitch. The creators were: Zimnior12, Matclub, MrTigerFrog, Cyrillic, Logan, Dz3tzer, KaotikJumper, SteelixX, Carbide, Matizuko, and Illuminati6 with Rustam.

Then, there was another period of inactivity, but then at the beginning of July, the creators in the collab began to upload their parts in Project Aerrakor, showing the first gameplay of the level, including Zimnior12 uploading an official Project Aerrakor preview.

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