Country Australia
Age 15
Levels 103 (none starred)
Other Info
Crew Silent Engine
Position Member (Silent Engine)
YouTube Channel [1]

Psychomaniac14 is a player, Wiki Editor and a creator in Geometry Dash. He currently has 8201 stars, 6082 diamonds, 149 Secret Coins, 1124 User Coins, and 393 Demons. He has created numerous Very Hard/Extreme Demon-difficulty levels, and has uploaded over 100 levels. However, none of them are star-rated because of him being less known.


He used to host collaborations/mega-collaborations very often, but has recently stopped due to school work and collabs that he's participating in. He also uploads previews of his best/hard levels. In addition, he is an active user in the Geometry Dash Fan Wiki, Geometry Dash Wiki and Team OneNation Wiki. On top of that, he has been playing Geometry Dash since around mid-2015

He is infamous for being a hacker and generally lying to the whole community despite him denying hacking since August 2016 and having some proof videos of his legitimacy that no-one believes. He is also notorious for making near-impossible levels and passing them off as Insane/Extreme Demons.



  • He got accused for hacking several times, due to his extremely-hard levels.
    • However, he said that he deleted all of his hacks except for the Object Limit Bypass hack, and said he doesn't hack many times. This has been proven false as he uploads no-clipped levels on his YouTube channel frequently.
      • He says that the fact that he uploads videos of him noclipping levels doesn't matter as he says that he only noclips those levels to show people the levels, and not to complete them, and he also says that it doesn't matter that he noclips levels since they have a start position in them
  • He said that he will leave Geometry Dash, but later confirmed that he will not leave the community due to lots of unfinished collaborations.
  • On his friend list, he has many famous people including AzaFTW, Cool Dash and Cyrillic (2nd account).
    • However, Cool Dash unfriended him.
  • During Halloween, he decided to change his icon colors to black and orange to commemorate it, and later decided to not change them back.
  • In the Geometry Dash Wiki chat and Discord, he said "Halloween Circles". Some thought this might be a hint to the unconfirmed secret project.
    • On the 11th of November, he posted a comment to his profile saying "Halloween Circles," proving this to be a work in progress level.
    • Later he posted a video showing the first minute of it. He claims that when it is done, it will be classified as a Silent level.
    • In March 2017, he uploaded a second preview of it, from when the previous video ended to just before where the Nine Circles section is likely to start.
  • He is ambidextrous.
  • Like Acharne, he has Autism and ADHD.
  • He also plays the Mario Kart games, Bloons TD Battles, Bloons Monkey City and Asphalt 8.
  • He has released 10 copyables of levels which he has no time to finish recently.
    • Among them include Halloween Circles, multiple unnamed layouts, multiple levels that hadn't even been revealed to the community prior to the copyables being released, and a few other Extreme Demon-difficulty levels.

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