Level Information
Creator Glittershroom, GironDavid, and Nocturne (Hacked by Zephyr) (Re-Verified by SrGuillester)
Difficulty Insane Demon Insane Demon
Stars 10Star
Level ID 10533089
Song Infiltration
Composer ParagonX9

Pyromaniac is an Insane Demon collab between Glittershroom, GironDavid, and Nocturne. It was verified by SrGuillester and published by Glittershroom. It is known for tight spaces, difficult timings, and memory. It is generally considered an Hard Demon, but occasionally a Very Hard Demon.


The level starts with an easy slow speed cube section with a few tricky fakes. Next, the player enters a moderately difficult mini cube segment with some memory involved. This leads into a very difficult triple speed wave segment with several size portals. This ends with a tight hard dual mini wave segment with some mashing at the end. Next, there is a triple speed cube section heavily based on memory. This is followed by a rather difficult UFO part and a ball part with some hard timings. Afterwards, there is a difficult dual wave segment followed by a slow cube segment with numerous invisible spikes. This is followed by a very tight ship sequence with one space flying and a tricky ball segment. Then there is a very hard wave part with tight spaces and numerous trickily placed gravity portals. There is then an auto cube segment, leading into 2 tight ship sequences separated by a difficult UFO part. Then, the level ends.


  • The level's first update was hacked by Zephyr.
  • The first update had a much harder last 10%.
  • The level was re-verified by SrGuillester.



Geometry Dash -Demon- - Pyromaniac - By Glittershroom & more01:03

Geometry Dash -Demon- - Pyromaniac - By Glittershroom & more

Credit to Pacosky18 for the video.

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