Level Information
Creator Allan
Difficulty Demon Hard Demon
Stars 10Star
Level ID 14321727
Song Genesis
Composer MafiaPineapple

Were you looking for the player, Quasar?

Quasar is a Nine Circles remake made by Allan. It is generally considered an easy or medium demon by the creator himself, but some players consider it a hard demon, albeit rarely. It has a very light blue/electric-like colour scheming and its 2.0 effects are very noticeable. This level is considered one of the best and unique Nine Circles levels despite its difficulty.


Quasar is a 2.0 styled level by Allan, a skilled player who has beaten Stalemate. This level is quite long, but is often praised by large Geometry Dash Youtubers because of its good usage of 2.0 effects to enhance design along with some fairly entertaining gameplay. However, the level can be quite difficult due to its length, as the wave starts nearly halfway into the level and has a very long "buffer zone" between the wave, involving all sorts of nasty tricks for the player far before the wave itself.


Quasar starts as a moderately hard cube mode, which mostly requires timings, then followed up by a fairly confusing and moderately difficult dual mode. Note that in the area right before the dual, there is a blue pad hiding a pink ring the player must use to avoid crashing. The dual stops for a moment and involves a triple spike jump before the next section of the level. The music then rapidly picks up and throws the player into a tricky but fairly easy to master yet annoying double speed ship. After this ship, a fairly easy UFO follows up, with some rather easy to nail down timings. After this UFO, the music picks up more pace and introduces a double speed cube with moving objects and some rather tricky jumps, quickly followed by a mini ball that requires some very early timing to avoid crashing into the spikes. After this ball, a robot follows up, which is moderately difficult since there are four jumps that require very light tapping, but not light to the point where the player will still crash into the gear they are trying to jump over. After this robot, the player has to get through a very quick triple speed upside down mini flying segment that requires some decent straight fly skill.

After the ship, the music slows down and starts to build up, and a ball at normal speed will follow, but it is quite difficult as there are many fake blocks that provide alternate confusing and incorrect routes that will cause the player to crash many times. If the player gets through this, they go into an auto cube, where the music builds up even further, preparing for a drop. The letters "GLHF" drop down, standing for "Good Luck, Have Fun". The music then drop and the Nine Circles wave of this level is introduced. This wave has many fake lines, speed changers, and size changers everywhere, with mini spikes just to annoy the player if they get too close to an edge in the wave. If the player gets through about 30% of the wave, they will go into a mixed dual mode of a ship and cube, very similar to Ditched Machine. This dual requires some very intense mashing to avoid the cube crashing into a spike whilst maintaining a stable straight fly at triple speed. Then, the player enters a mirror portal back into a wave, but not long before a brief UFO mode comes up, which is rather simple and involves three or four jumps. The player then goes into one last leg of moderately difficult wave in mirror mode, and then into a ball consisting of four very simple clicks. After this, the words: "GG! Allan" and "Obj Limit ;_;" can be seen, signalling the player has beat the level, with the creator's name, Allan, and the fact that the max object limit (30,000) was reached. The level then ends.


  • This level, Bausha Vortex and Astronaut 13 are the only Nine Circles levels that have a mixed dual.
  • Unlike most Nine Circles levels, the Nine Circles wave mode flashes more slowly than most Nine Circles remakes.
  • For some reason, in the auto cube, if you set a start position right under it, you will somehow run into a wall and the text "NO!" will pop up. Despite this, the area is practically impossible to access in the previous ball segment. It is unknown if this was intended to be a fake path or not.
  • Each vehicle is used in this level.
  • This level inspired an update of Evil by SrDeay.
  • Unlike each Nine Circles level, it feature 1.6 sawblades in the wave mode, instead of the more petal-like sawblades.


Geometry Dash - Quasar -DEMON- - By- Allan (On Stream)

Geometry Dash - Quasar -DEMON- - By- Allan (On Stream)

Credit to Riot.