Country México, México
Age 21
Levels 12
Other Info
Crew None
Position 2106
YouTube Channel [1]
R3YGA is a popular Mexican player. He has beaten many hard demons, including Cataclysm,Ice Carbon Diablo X and Heartbeat.


  • Unrated Levels.
    • ​Multicirlces.
    • Heartbeat.
    • Theory of r3yga copy.
    • Theory of r3yga auto.
    • Ninja Gaiden.
    • Theory of r3yga.
    • Levan Polka 2.
    • Levan Polka.
    • Reyga Dreamer.
    • In The End.
    • Chaos Fantasy v3.
    • Auto toe2 vFinal.


  • He has 12 upload levels, but none of them are rated.
  • He is the first person to beat Heartbeat after its creator Krazyman50.
    • He had to beat it on a copyable because of the lag he got in the original version.
  • He doesn't plays with mouse like most players. Insted he plays with both spacebar and up arrow key.
  • He has beaten all his Demons on a 60hz monitor.
  • He follows various demons list.
  • He has the worst fail at Ice Carbon Diablo X with 98%.
  • He was considered "The green Cyclic" after changing his icons to a green version of cyclic ones and naming himself like that.
    • This later changed after he changed his colors to original Cyclic's one and using a inverted seahorse ship, simliar to the one used by Zobros.
  • He has created a level called Multicircles which is 2 Nine Circles played continously, similar to MultyClysm by TrusTa.
  • He beated Old version of Cataclysm making his name appear on the honor list at the end of Cataclysm update.
  • He is continuously criticized by his followers due the fact he beats many of his demons while he is at his work.

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