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Level Information
Creator ZenthicAlpha
Difficulty Demon Demon
Sequences S, W, S, B, S, U, S, B, S, C, U, S, B, S, C, S
Portals Gravity, Size, Speed, Dual
Stars 10Star
Level ID 6487910
Song Ludicrous Speed - F-777
Composer F-777
Date Composed Jan 21, 2012

Rabb2t is a hard demon made by ZenthicAlpha and Ripplez. Includes ludicrous amount of hard timings due to is max-speed parts.


hRabb2t is build in common tecno style of 1.9 version of Geometry Dash which is widely used by both Zenthic and Ripplez in their levels. Most of the level is covered with blue colors excepting the last ball part.


Level starts with quite a simple half-speed ship part, coming with a pretty tight max-speed flight with only 2 spikes in the end that a player has to fly between. This one needs a lot of practice as quich speed/mode changes does a lot of cunfusion and it is quite difficult to keep the ship flying straight - a player will has to pass 4 other same ship parts before he comes to cube part.

After first ship comes the wave part. It is the only wave part in the level. This wave is quite as simple as the first ship part, a little bit harder as there are some more tight spaces which needs some sort of timing. After passing the other max-speed ship, speed no longer decreases and player is thrown through ball part, then UFO part and another UFO part combined with those small flights which were mentioned above. These will need a lot of hard timing, most of them, however, are easily guessable if the player catches the music rhythm. Second ball is finished by immediate speed changes which are really annoyable. After that the max-speed ship comes. It has 4 common up-and-down flights followed by gravity portals. Here a player will need its timing and straight flying skills as spaces between spickes are really tight. Leaving the last 1-space spikes will lead a player to a cube part. It's not really tricky and really easy to master. As the cube passes the spead is increasing and finally a player falls into a small UFO part. This also need some timing, however, it's not so hard as the first one. It is followed by ship part with some jumping rings and gravity portals. After that comes the small ball part which is really annoyable as its gameplay is not connected with music rhythm. This is followed by a simple ship part. After a player is thrown into a mini cube duo which can need more time to master. Finally, the speed is decreased and a player flies through the names of level creators with a mini ship duo.


  • The older version of this level can be seen at Zenthic's YouTube channel - this one has more simple ship gameplay.
  • This was once rated Insane 9 stars for some reason.
  • This was and still is one of the most popular demons form the version of 1.9, among with Nine Circles and Theory of Skrillex.
  • The name "Rabb2t" is proposed by Ripplez before he changes his nickname to Rabb2t.
  • After 2.0, Ripplez published another work of him and ZenthicAlpha. It is also a demon and has common name - "ZenthicAlpha".


The new version gameplay, (Gameplay by SoCool). The older version puclished by Zenthic itself.
Geometry Dash (Very Hard Demon) - Rabb2t - By ZenthicAlpha & Ripplez01:20

Geometry Dash (Very Hard Demon) - Rabb2t - By ZenthicAlpha & Ripplez

'Rabb2t' - By Ripplez and ZenthicAlpha (Me)01:33

'Rabb2t' - By Ripplez and ZenthicAlpha (Me)

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