Level Information
Creator Team Bizarre
Difficulty TBA (Hopefully Extreme Demon)
Stars TBA (Hopefully 10*)
Level ID TBA
Song Impulse
Composer garlagan

RePulse is an upcoming extreme demon mega-collaboration created by Team Bizarre, which will be the hardest level in Geometry Dash history. It is currently being verified by TouguTouhou, and will be released in 2.1.


This is a level that unfortunately had to be started from the beginning, due to lag issues, new members and better ideas. The level had 21,000 objects at the beginning (see row 1), and was scrapped. RePulse is now being remade by the team, and will be verified by IITouguEricIi, and of-course will be as hard as the original. The level will include extremely epileptic effects and is also estimated to contain over 25,000 triggers. The level will be extended, and better artwork will be provided. The level is now being helped with by Manu GD and Hypercube1. Surm and Delta both hope that the level will get rated, and that it will stay as the hardest POSSIBLE level in history. The beginning (as Delta says) is going to be the easiest part, and will slowly get harder. It is estimated that 40%+ is nearly impossible due to a 10px mini wave space. The level has 9 straight fly section and 10 straight wave sections. The level is estimated to be harder than both Bloodbath and even Sonic Wave. The level has been criticized as being hacked, and impossible many many times, but as iITouguEricIi says, "With a lot of practice, anything is possible, even this level." It is going to have fairly over 100k objects, as Delta says. No more information has been given, as of November 29th, 2016.

So far, the level makers are: Surm, Delta, Manu, Sentra, Tougu2 (IndreK), and Tougueric himself.


  • There is very limited information, as Team Bizarre wants to stay quiet.
  • Surm hopes that the level does get rated, but cannot provide any video proof.
  • iITouguEricIi does not have recording software, but will try to provide pictures.
  • The level is debated as being impossible, even though it is not.
  • The level is harder than Bloodbath and Sonic Wave.

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