Paul tbh
Country Azerbaijan
Age 17
Levels 12 (1 starred)
Other Info
Crew Atacron(TDC), GRN, FP, GC, GTR, GGs
Position Unknown
YouTube Channel [1]

RealSpectra (known as La Spectra or Spectra, Exterys Valyrie in-game) is a Azerbaijian (Turkish) level creator in Geometry Dash. He is also known for his Nine Circles Extreme Demon Down Bass. He is also one of the first Geometry Dash players. He began playing Geometry Dash after three days of its release, but later switched into 4 accounts afterwards due to some accidents. He was hacking for some period of his Geometry Dash career, but confessed soon afterwards. In addition, he also has over 2,500 YouTube subscribers at the moment.


  • Rated levels
    • ​Down Bass
  • Unrated levels
    • Level IV
    • EnV (Megacollab by Toxinide and others)
    • Crystalizer
    • Hypnosis Pavilion
    • Poltergeist
    • Firepower X (Also known as his hardest level)
    • Red 13
    • Desire
    • DESTRUCTION (collab with COOKIE)
    • Rise Up
    • Xenon Race


  • He hacked Down Bass before it got rated and 2 times after.
  • His first level got deleted after he abandoned his first account (the level ID was 13479).
  • He has been trying to beat Aftermath in his streams recently and got 42%.
  • He got very popular (2,300 subs) on YouTube in a very short time (three months), but he deleted all his old videos due to their un-legitimate-ness.
  • He is the first Turkish player that got a creator point.
  • He currently lives in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan.