Country Australia
Age Unknown
Levels 130+
Other Info
Crew Unknown
Position Unknown
YouTube Channel [1]

RealWhatamelon (formerly Whatamelon) is an Australian Geometry Dash Player. He has uploaded over 130 levels so far. However, none of them are starred. His most popular level is a copyable Monster Dance Off, with over 1.3k likes. He now has a YouTube channel called Real Whatamelon. He also has an Everyplay account called TheAnonymousGeometryDasher. He has over 1,550 stars, over 75 secret coins, 430 user coins, 13k+ orbs, 3,550 diamonds 11 Demons and has almost finished the gauntlets and treasure room. His stats were reset after he was hacked, and he is trying to back his stats up by getting Zimnior12 to get them back.


  • Michigun Processing - An easy demon, basically Blast Processing slightly buffed and with triple spikes. Currently being verified/bug-tested.

Buffed Series

  • Buffed Madness
  • Buff on Track
  • Buffed Ascent (upcoming)
  • Sik Buffange


  • Dynamic Circles - A hard challenge map. Nine Circles styled level with the song Reanimate remix by Imadjinari. Currently uploaded.
  • Dynamicc Circles - A hard challenge map. Nine Circles styled level with the song Reanimate remix by Imadjinari. Currently uploaded.
  • Dynamic Circles - A hard challenge map. Nine Circles styled level with the song Reanimate remix by Imadjinari. Currently uploaded.
  • T R I G G E R E D X D - An April Fools level, a challenge with shake toggles. Currently verified.
  • 4 spike Jumps - A joke level made as a very hard challenge. Uses the song Polargeist by Step. Being verified and nerfed in the last 50%.
  • Lights and ThunderV2 - A remake of Lights and Thunder by Lyod. The forms have been switched, a 2.1 BG and a coin are the only changes. Uses the song My Heart by Luisilloso. Currently being nerfed and verified.
  • ToE 2 v2 - Another version of Theory of Everything 2. This level is around the same toughness as the Official Toe 2 by RobTop. Being verified.
  • ToE II v2 Nerfed - A nerfed version of IIINepTuneIII`s ToE II v2. Being verified.
  • Old school adventure - Uses the song Electroman Adventures by Waterflame. Another electroman adventures-type level, harder than the actual Electroman Adventures. Being verified.
  • Slow Madness - A slow version of Stereo Madness. Harder-Insane difficulty, uses the full Stereo Madness song by ForeverBound. Being verified.
  • Energy Drain - A hard demon, monochrome style. Uses the Rain Full by Dj-Nate song. Ditched and being verified.
  • Summer - A special, beach-themed level. Made in late 2016-2017. Uses the song Russia Privjet Theof RMX by TastyTeo. Currently uploaded on its 6th version.
  • Fusion - His first 2.1 level. Uses a ton of deco, and has the song Confuzzled by MrKoolTrix. Currently uploaded, on its 5th version.
  • Ground Level - Collab with Irondasherx. Uses the song Round 2 by Dexarson. Currently uploaded.
  • R3kt Circles - A very easy Nine Circles demon, uses the song Scary Monsters Nice Sprites cover 8bit. Currently uploaded on its 2nd version.
  • ToE IV Layout - A hard demon layout. His first level after getting hacked, uses the song ToE IV (Fan Made) by Domyeah.
  • Blue Shift Layout - A medium demon layout, uses the song Red Shift by DjCryogenetic.
  • Poison Tears layout - An easy demon layout, uses the song Cry by Xtrullor.
  • Monster Dance Off. His most updated level. Uses the song Monster Face Off by Coolaps1e (previously Machina).
  • ColorZ v2- A nostalgic level, uses a Tobu Colors remix and is rainbow-styled. Dedicated to Pauze, Squall and the player who plays it. Being verified and edited.


  • His face, as of 28\4\17. >
  • RealWhatamelon copied the icons off Krazyman50 and Partition in early 2017. He eventually stopped.
  • He is known for building insanely hard challenges, like Blass Challenge and Spam and Mini Wave Challenge.
  • His Everyplay page shows an image of an icon going through a 1block gap space with a coin. It says down the bottom 'Just your average noob' and a Lenny face.
  • He plays Geometry Dash World, Meltdown and Lite. He has uploaded videos from all 3.
  • Irondasherx posted a comment on his page advertising RealWhatamelon's account.
    • He also advertised one of RealWhatamelon's levels, Whatamelon Buffange (a very hard and buffed version of his Whatamelon Challenge), saying it's a good remake.

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