Realm of Bloodshadow
Level Information
Creator Satanoth (publisher), Hota1991, Knobbelboy, Noobas, Manix648, Rexroll, Sunix and Serponge, verified by Toxic
Difficulty TBA
Stars TBA
Level ID 35565315
Song Fairydust (Ravitex Remix)
Composer Ravitex

Realm of Bloodshadow is an unrated extreme demon by Satanoth and more, and verified by Toxic. This level is known as hardened ''Bloodbath." This level contains 150,000 objects.


Hota1991's part starts with an extremely hard mini ship sequence. Here, the darkness part needs decent straight fly skills. (Shows part on image)

Hota1991 & Knobbelboy's part starts with a overdecorated cube part. (Like as Utopian Delucions) can cause mobile users lag.

Noobas' part is hard darkness wave part.

Sunix & Serponge's part is very long extremely hard flying. (Like as Nine Circles's flying part.)

Hota1991 (again) part is harder wave.

Serponge (again) part is mini-cubed extreme hard, but needs cube combo combinations.

Knobbelboy, Noobas, Rexroll and Sunix's part is an extremely long boss battle.

Rexroll (again) is makes ending credits. The titles (By Satanoth) Satanoth is creator.


  • Realm of Bloodshadow is a location on Super Mario Fan franchise. This name ''Bloodshadow'' is known as Hawth Bowserth's blades.
  • On World of Warcraft, Bloodshadow is a powerful Dark-elemental sword.

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