Country Sweden
Age 16 or 17
Levels 25 (1 starred)
Other Info
Crew GS
Position 729 (Global Rank)
YouTube Channel [1]
RedUniverse (Also known as RedUniverse99 on Twitch) is a moderately popular skilled player in Geometry Dash.

He is mostly well-known for creating the Nine Circles remake called Crimson Clutter, a former top 10 demon which was recently ousted from the Top 50 Hardest Demons List, but is still in the Top 100.

He has also beaten several extremely hard demon levels such as Plasma Pulse II, Down Bass, Ruined Journey, Toxin Lab III, and many more.

On March 1, 2016 RedUniverse announced that he has created an another channel called Uni Animations in his other channel, he has been focusing on creating Geometry Dash animations unlike several film levels in-game. (Also keep in mind that he is also creating Stickman animations)

Geometry Dash Animations Created

  • Mini Portal
  • Teleportation Portal
  • Ship Portal
  • Mirror Portal
  • Dual Portal


  • He is the first player to beat Down Bass on stream legitimately, which is the reason of why the level got rated.
  • His challenge level Ultra Wave Chall 2 is considered to be one of the hardest challenge levels in the game.

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