Retro Circles
Retro Circles
Level Information
Creator Nacho21
Difficulty Medium Demon Medium Demon
Stars 10Star
Level ID 14000484
Song NK-Nine Circles (Xtrullor Remix)
Composer Xtrullor

Retro Circles is a 2.0 Medium Demon created by Nacho21. This level is quite unique because it mixes Retro and Nine Circles style. To create this level, he used 60,979 objects, but the level can be played without many problems from a mobile phone. This level is generally overlooked by "easiest Nine Circles levels rankings," although it is pretty easy. It is considered a very easy Demon.


The level starts with a simple half speed cube section. Here, the player must be careful to synchronize the timing to avoid the spikes. Next, the player enters a normal speed ship sequence that can be easily cleared without much effort because of the absence of gravity portals. Then, the player enters a simple ball segment. Here, the player must hit the jump rings with a correct timing so that he/she doesn't hit a single spike. This is followed by an auto cube segment that closely resembles that of Nine Circles and Silhouette. Then the music drops, and the player enters a triple speed wave segment. Seemingly, this wave segment is actually easy due to large spaces and a lack of gravity portals. The level is made much harder by an huge amount of speed and size portals, creating a gameplay feel that is quite similar to Nostalgia. The player must be careful to memorize the correct timing to not crash. The easiest part of the level is perhaps the mini dual wave segment, a classic 'ingredient' of Nine Circles Levels. The level ends with one last cube segment that is similar to the first one, but is slightly harder because of numerous double spikes and many clusters of orbs. After Nacho21 thanks some players (ToshDeluxe, Rulas, Synder YT, and others), the level ends.


  • The language of the level is Spanish, like Duelo Maestro.
  • In the last cube segment, Nacho21 signed a double spike when GuitarHeroStyles and Alvarofuen crashed at it.
  • CrisPy Dash, the creator of Fear Me, was inspired by this level and created another NC Retro, Screamroom Circles, but he deleted it after a little time because he had still created Fear Me and if Sonic Wave was l1.
  • This level continued the 2.0 trend by using Nine Circles- Xtrullor remix.


Geometry Dash - Retro Circles -DEMON- - By- Nacho21 (On Stream)

Geometry Dash - Retro Circles -DEMON- - By- Nacho21 (On Stream)

Credit to Riot for the video.