Retro Trouble
Screenshot 2016-06-20-15-44-21
Level Information
Creator Minh6969
Difficulty Auto Auto
Stars Star0
Level ID 20599317
Song Cry
Composer Xtrullor

Retro Trouble is an Auto level created by Minh6969. It is a retro-themed Auto level with coins. It was uploaded in June 2016. The ID of it is 20599317


The level starts as a ship with a parallax background and a Low Detail Mode, there is a coin located in one of the tower blocks. After that, the player transform into a Ball and continues to pass through obstacle. Then, the player turns into a robot with a spinning sawblade made of pulsing trangles in the background. Next, the player gets flips up and down by gravity pads and gets teleported up and also tranforms into a 3x Speed UFO which have to jump through spinning obstacles and tranform into a wave. After it, the player will turn into a ship and must collect 3 keys to open 3 doors to get to the next part. After that, the player turns into a Ball with a background filling itself up with blending blocks, this part uses the most groups (over 150). Another coin is located there. Then the player tranforms into a Ship and must do a 3-space flying then gets tranform into a Wave and you must wave yourself through some spaces. Then the player turns into a cube and fall down through a parallax background. Then the player will enters a boss fight. The boss will attack towards you and shoot lasers at you. After you've dodged all of the boss' attack, it will begin shatters and the player gets teleported to a ship part with rotating effects in the background. Then the player tranform into the wini cube and lands on a 3d structure with 2 spikes going toward the player. After it, the player wil be teleported into a Wave part and must wave through waving 3d obstacles which resembles the level "Spacial" by G4lvatron. Finally the player will turn into a 1x Speed Cube and jump through 4 spikes. There are 2 ways. If the player don't do anything, it will go through the lower way and finish the level without the last coin. And if the player jump, the player will go to the higher way which has the single word "For Michigun >>>" and will have a non-auto set of triple spikes waiting at the end, after passing through it, the player will obtain the last coin and completes the level.

User Coins

There are 3 user coins hidden in the level, here are the guide on how to collect them:

  1. The first user coin is located inside of a tower block on the first Ship part, you must control your player to go into the tower block so the auto can't move you over that tower block.
  2. The next coin is in the second Ball part, after passing the 4 pillars, there's a coin located in mid air, after collecting it, you must use a green orb to dash yourself to the next obstacle or you'll crash into the ceiling.
  3. The last coin is located at the end of the level. There are 2 routes, upper route and lower route, if you do nothing, you'll enter the lower route and finish the level with no last coin. And if you jump right at the transition of the 2 routes, you'll enter the upper route which there will be a non-auto triple spike jump and a coin on top of it, jump over it and complete the level.


  • This is Minh6969's 4th level.
  • This level used 357 groups, which is more than 'Phantasm' by G4lvatron.


Retro Trouble by Minh6969 - Geometry Dash-003:20

Retro Trouble by Minh6969 - Geometry Dash-0

Credit to DoomBTC15 for the gameplay.

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