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Level Information
Creator FunnyGame
Difficulty Harder Harder
Stars 7 Star
Level ID 2915652
Song Infernoplex
Composer Dimrain47

Revolution is a popular level made by FunnyGame in 1.9.

Description Edit

This leveI introduced a ton of incredible new effects into Geometry Dash, including the rainbow effect, despite the fact FunnyGame only had 4 color channels to work with.

Gameplay Edit

This level starts as a triple speed cube, before entering a normal speed portal. After the cube there is a triple speed UFO then a triple speed wave. After that, there's a slow cube part before a short normal speed memory cube. Next, there is a double speed dual ball and a dual wave. Afterward, there is a slow mini wave before a short normal speed cube. Following that is a double speed ship before entering a mini portal. Then, there is a very short normal sized slow cube before a normal speed ball. The level then ends with a slow ship.

Walkthrough Edit

Geometry Dash Custom Levels - Revolution (by FunnyGame)

Geometry Dash Custom Levels - Revolution (by FunnyGame)

credit to Muzik Bike

Trivia Edit

  • The objects in the mini wave originally changed colors rapidly before FunnyGame changed them to player colors.
  • The level used to be Demon, but since 2.1 it has been rated 7 stars.