IMG 0851
Country United States
Age Unknown
Levels 3 (1 Starred)
Other Info
Crew Unknown
Position Unknown
YouTube Channel Unknown

RiverCiver is a comedian Geometry Dash YouTuber. He has over 20,000 subscribers. He is known for being very harsh. He started the "Thoughts On" series, which was a hit. He is considered to be a fairly good builder of levels, but for an unknown reason RobTop has ignored him and has not rated any of his levels yet.


  • RiverCiver's "Arch-Nemesis" is Pauze, and Ferdefunky.
  • He is known for having text-to-speech in his videos, which a lot of people dislike.
  • He often streams, but doesn't always play GD. Sometimes he plays games gifted to him, or read his recent comments.
  • In one of his first streams, he revealed his voice for the first time.


  • "I would rather stitch my mouth shut and vomit than play levels like Depression."
  • "Welcome to my sort-of well-known channel. If you don't like harsh opinions, cats, or text-to-speech, probably NOT the place for you."
  • "I know how this level was made (talking about Pauze). Some 9-year old got up for school. When he got up he decided to make a Geometry Dash level. But then he felt a sick feeling in his stomach and threw up all over his phone. Then the level was there, and he decided to roll with it."
  • "Maybe I should be less negative."

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