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Country United States
Age Unknown
Levels 27 (1 starred)
Other Info
Crew Unknown
Position 23774 (Global)
YouTube Channel [1]

RiverCiver was a comedian American player and YouTuber in Geometry Dash. He has over 25,000 subscribers, and is known for being very harsh. He started the "Thoughts On" series, which was a major hit. He is considered to be a fairly good builder of levels, but for an unknown reason RobTop has ignored him and has rated only one level.

On October 26th 2017, he created a video saying he was going to take a Semi-Short Break. He said there are multiple reasons but he doesn't want to go in to them. 3 days later, he created four short videos with no meaning. Subscribers were confused and thought he had been hacked. His reasoning for this was that he was done with the community and game. He has been inactive until the 27th of February, when he uploaded a short and meaningless video. On March 10th, he uploaded another short and meaningless video. At the end it says "possible soon". This may hint that he is returning soon, but it is unlikely because their has been no activity since.

Controversy Edit

Towards the last few months of RiverCiver's YouTube career he began shifting his content from criticising levels to criticising YouTubers. Many believe that he had become way too money-hungry and egotistical for his own good.

Quotes Edit

  • "I would rather stitch my mouth shut and vomit than play levels like Depression."
  • "Welcome to my sort-of well-known channel. If you don't like harsh opinions, cats, or text-to-speech, probably NOT the place for you."
  • "I know how this level was made (talking about Pauze). Some 9-year old got up for school. When he got up he decided to make a Geometry Dash level. But then he felt a sick feeling in his stomach and threw up all over his phone. Then the level was there, and he decided to roll with it."
  • "Maybe I should be less negative."
  • "Gammaplay" and "Vizzuals" from his "Thoughts On" series. These are due to bad pronunciation via text-to-speech.
  • "Dislike. Demon." (From his Playing Mario and Minecraft levels videos.)

Trivia Edit

  • RiverCiver's "Arch-Nemesis" are Pauze and Ferdefunky.
  • He is known for having text-to-speech in his videos, which a lot of people dislike.
  • He often streams, but doesn't always play Geometry Dash. Sometimes he plays games gifted to him, or reads his recent comments.
  • In one of his first streams, he revealed his voice for the first time.
  • He is known for having intros that say "Insert Obnoxious Intro Here." He is also hosting an obnoxious intro contest.