Round 2
Round 2
Level Information
Creator Flashmick72
Difficulty Hard Hard
Stars 4 Star
Level ID 27749048
Song Dex Arson - Round 2
Composer Dexarson

Round 2 is a level by FlashMick72. It is currently featured in Geometry Dash World.


The level has similar design with The Challenge, an official level by RobTop.


There are three User Coins in the level.

  • The first coin is at 15%. It is possible get it by jumping right before the Gravity Portal.
  • The second coin is at 39%. If the player jumps at 21%, then the player will be able to continue the gameplay as a cube.
  • The third coin is at 79%. If the jump orb at 78% was not used, the player will go under the platform, with a revealed coin and triple spikes.


  • Despite the description saying 2.1 update, it was made in 2.0 update.
    • This could be because the creator updated in 2.1 update.
  • Alternatively, the player can get the second coin as a ship. However, it is not recommended to do as it will require lots of practice and/or luck.
  • The level got some hates before the update, as it used to have lots of bugs.


Round 2 by Flashmick72 (All Coins) - Geometry Dash01:35

Round 2 by Flashmick72 (All Coins) - Geometry Dash

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