Round 2
Round 2
Level Information
Creator Flashmick72
Difficulty Hard Hard
Stars 4 Star
Level ID 27749048
Song Dex Arson - Round 2
Composer Dexarson

Round 2 is a 2.0/2.1 Hard 4* level created by FlashMick72. It is currently featured in Geometry Dash World.


The level contains a similar design with The Challenge, a secret official level by RobTop which can be unlocked by getting 200 diamonds.

User Coins

There are three verified User Coins within the level.

  • The first coin is at 15%. It is possible to claim it by jumping right before the Gravity Portal.
  • The second coin is at 39%. If the player jumps at 21%, then the player will be able to continue the gameplay as a cube. The player must be careful, as it requires medium timing.
  • The third and final user coin is at 79%. If the jump orb at 78% was not used, the player will go under the platform, with a revealed coin and triple spikes.


  • Despite the description saying Update 2.1, it was actually made during Update 2.0.
    • This could be because the creator updated the level during Update 2.1.
  • Alternatively, the player can get the second coin as a ship. However, it is not recommended to do as it will require lots of practice and/or luck.
  • It got some hates before the update, as it used to have lots of bugs.


Round 2 by Flashmick72 (All Coins) - Geometry Dash01:35

Round 2 by Flashmick72 (All Coins) - Geometry Dash

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