Ruined Journey
Level Information
Creator Soulsand, Hahaha, Gabriel, Arco, Pailyn, Lfred, Alunar, Hakase, WOOGI1411, Crepuscle, Ghost Ranar, Blacktime, Bekid1442, Gelt, Erael, HG, Cosine, and Zelda (Verified and published by KeiAs)
Difficulty Insane Demon Insane Demon
Stars 10Star
Level ID 11433410
Song At The Speed of Light
Composer Dimrain47

Ruined Journey is a 2.0 Insane Demon mega-collaboration created by KeiAs and seventeen other creators. It occurred in GW (Geometry Dash World). Due to memory, timings, and lots of tight spaces, it is generally considered an Insane Demon.


The level starts with a tricky cube section. Then there is a moderately hard double speed wave segment, followed by a moderately hard ship sequence with some tricks and an auto cube. There is then a rather difficult UFO part and a slow wave. A cube transition leads into a triple speed mini wave with a UFO transitioning into a ship part and later another wave leading into a cube transition and a short difficult mini ship. There is then a timing-based ball part with 2 short ship parts interluded by a cube transition. There is an auto wave leading into a ship with moderately tight spaces. Then there is a difficult triple speed wave followed by a slow tight ship part. This is followed by a slow easy dual cube that becomes a harder dual ball. Then there is a very tight ship part. There is then a very difficult UFO part followed by a slow wave and a tight ship part. There is then a tight mini wave and a ball part with a few timings. This is followed by a triple speed mini cube with several fakes and hard timings, and then a slow wave and an easy UFO. Then there is a long ship part with moderate difficulty. There are timing and memory based cube and ball parts afterwards, leading into 2 difficult wave parts with tricky gravity portal timings, separated by a similar ship part. Then an auto cube leads into a dual cube followed by a dual ball, both with similarly easy difficulties. Then an auto cube leads into a hard ship part with invisible spikes. Then there is a fake-filled triple speed cube part with many mirror portals and fake paths. Then there is a difficult ship sequence with near invisible obstacles, followed by a slow tight wave segment. Then, the level ends.


  • The level lacks a robot part.
  • Most of the level was made in 1.9.



Ruined Journey - Collab in GW Upload!

Ruined Journey - Collab in GW Upload!

Gameplay by KeiAs.