Country Mexico
Age 16
Levels 14 (6 starred)
Other Info
Crew Unknown
Position 20580 (Global)
YouTube Channel [1]
iIiRulasiIi or just Rulas (also known as Rulasjunior on TouchArcade, RulasGD on Facebook and Twitter, Rulas GD on YouTube and formerly known as Rulasjunior25 on YouTube) is a popular Mexican player in Geometry Dash.

He has finished many demon levels such as Theory of Firepower, Rebellion, Supersonic, and many more hard demon levels.

He is well-known for originating the new Nine Circles remake series called "Ultra Circles". The first in this series is Ultra Paracosm, which was his first rated and demon level in-game.

He uses a particular style in his levels, using fast dubsteps, triple speed, blending, custom backgrounds, high brightness and sometimes monocromatic themes.


  • Dual xStep - a 1.8 level, a seemingly dual version of xStep.
  • Evil - a Nine Circles remake in grayscale.
  • Ultra Paracosm - his first rated and demon level in-game, the first Ultra Nine Circles in the series.
  • Ultra Fairydust - his first featured and second demon level in-game, the ultra version of Fairydust.
  • Ultra Circles - his second featured and third demon level in-game, the ultra version of Nine Circles, however it has only one silver user coin.
  • Impulse - His third featured level, rated insane rather than a harder 6 stars as requested. A collaboration with Shadow44.
  • Ultra Fear Me - currently unrated, and was Insane. The ultra version of Fear Me. A collaboration with TheRealPhoenix.
  • Centipede - an another unrated, and insane level. The song (Knife Party - Centipede) was removed from NewGrounds.
  • Ultra Halcyon - a collaboration with CreatorArcturus, published by the last one. An ultra circles level, with a yellow/orange scheme, using Forward by NIGHTkilla. Currently unrated.
  • Ultra Jawbreaker - currently unrated, as of now and insane. The ultra version of Jawbreaker.
  • Genesis - his fourth demon level.
  • Lag for the Bold - uses the song, Deadlocked. A very laggy level due to the huge amounts of blue jump rings. A staggering 129,000 objects were used. A random level.
  • The Neon Rush - uses the song Milky Ways Redux by Holyyeah, an unrated level, currently waiting for its Demon rating.
  • Disarmed - Rulas' fourth featured level and his only harder rated level.
  • Level One - Another harder level, unrated as of now.
  • Rip It - A collab with DiaWord and Minebraine, was verified by Rulas and got published on DiaWord's account. Currently unrated.
  • End of the Show - Uses the song Starship Showdown, its currently waiting for rating.
  • Ghost House - Rulas' latest level.


  • He recently made a 2016 update of each of his oldests Ultra Nine Circles remakes.
  • He has an account in this Wikia.