Country Ireland
Age 15
Levels 2 (0 starred)
Other Info
Crew GR, NE, QualiA
Position None
YouTube Channel Unknown

Rust36 (mainly known as RustyGamer36, RusT36 on youtube, RusT36 in GD) is a skilled Irish player and Creator. He isnt really well known, but has really good records.


  • Waver - His first level. A buffed jumper that is mostly wave parts and a joke level.

Deleted Levels

  • shut up man - Buffed last part of Stereo Madness.
  • retoRust - An overdecorated hell themed challenge that is mostly straight flying.
  • Mutilate Layout - A factory themed level layout, is currently WIP.


  • His first name is Angelo.
  • His youtube channel is IIRustII
  • He does not play the steam game, Rust
  • He is a Geometry Dash Fan Wikia user. Named Rust36

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