Country Finland
Age 16
Levels  ? (0 starred)
Other Info
Crew Silent Engine
Position  ???
YouTube Channel [1]

Sailent (also known as Nautilus2K) is a popular Impossible level creator who gained lots of attention during Update 1.6, and is considered to be "The King of Impossible Levels". His most popular levels are Silent Clubstep and Silent Circles.

Notable levels

  • Silent Clubstep: This is his most famous level and probably the most known impossible level of all times. It's an impossible remake of Clubstep, made in 1.8. Currently, a user with the name of ZorroZ Zet, uploaded a video to YouTube, claiming to have beaten this level with "HAX". The video can be seen here
  • Silent Circles: This was a collaboration with Cyrillic and was an impossible Nine Circles level. This is currently the most liked impossible level in the game, and ToshDeluxe also made an Auto version of it, being rated 1 star, but that got downgraded to just hard.
  • Deadly Clubstep v2: This is his first impossible level. It's a remake of the 1.7 Insane Demon Deadly Clubstep by Neptune.
  • Sailent Clubstar: This is a buffed and extended version of Silent Clubstep with the use of Wave and Swing Copter. This level was created in 1.9 and was also one of the first XL levels.
  •  : This is another 'impossible' level. It's filled with spam orbs and 1-space straight flying. Some people say this level is not impossible, but the level is still harder than Bloodbath.
  • SilentFunk: This is an unrated Insane/Extreme Demon. The original level by Sailent was considered to be impossible, but many players have managed to beat it, GeometryJosh being the first. SrGuillester has also verified a remake of this level. The video can be found here .
  • Silent Poltergeist: An impossible and extended version of Poltergeist by Andromeda.