Level Information
Creator WOOGI1411
Difficulty Demon Demon
Stars 10Star
Level ID 7456327
Song Sequence WIP
Composer Lockyn

Sequence is a demon level by WOOGI1411. It is known for hard timings, tricky duals, memorization, and tight spaces. It is generally considered an Insane or Very Hard Demon.


The level starts with a long tricky cube part with lots of difficult timings and memorization. Then there is a rather difficult ship part with many portals and speed changes. Then there is a similar wave part with tricky gravity timings as well as various changes in size and speed. Then there is a rather difficult ball part with some tricky timings as well as memorization. This is followed by a very hard dual mini cube with lots of extremely hard timings and memorization sections. Then there is a very hard UFO part with some gravity portals and size portals, as well as very hard timings. Then a triple speed wave appears that is very short. Then there is a cube part with many mirror portals as well as difficult timings and tricky areas. Then there is a very hard ship part with very tight timings, with the text "WOOGI 1411" signaling the end of the level.


  • This level was formerly considered WOOGI1411's hardest demon, but has since fallen behind demons such as Retention and Asymmetry.


Gameplay by WOOGI1411.

Geometry Dash - Sequence (My New HARD LEVEL!!!!)01:18

Geometry Dash - Sequence (My New HARD LEVEL!!!!)

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