Country Unknown
Age 17
Levels 38 (1 starred)
Other Info
Crew None
Position None
YouTube Channel None
Seth4564TI is a Geometry Dash player, creator and a Geometry Dash Fan Wikia administrator. He currently has 3,008 Stars, 2114 diamonds, 115 Secret Coins, 251 User Coins, 46 Demons and 1 Creator Point.


Only official Levels listed


  • His favourite cartoon/anime characters are Raven from Teen Titans, Tomoko Kuroki from Watamote, Sucy Manbavaran from Little Witch Academia, and Tsuyu Asui from My Hero Academia.
  • He likes including some type of stories in his levels, most notably the Geometry Universe and Invaderz AH series.
  • Seth and another Geometry Dash player named Furret got Krazyman50 interested in playing the game.

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