Shantae Travel
Shantae Scuttle Town
Level Information
Creator Satanoth (creator), Knobbelboy, Shantae, Nightlex and Nuclear Nacho, set to be verified by Riot
Difficulty TBA (Possibly Insane Demon Insane Demon)
Stars TBA (Possibly 10Star)
Level ID TBA
Song Shantae: Risky's Revenge Burning Town Forever Remix
Composer ForeverRMX

Shantae Travel is an upcoming XL Insane Demon by Satanoth and more.


Nightlex and Nuclear Nacho's long part is starting a town with sand dunes. but very hard to jumping three spikes.

Knobbelboy and Shantae's part is night desert dunes.

This level is longer than Dark Travel.


  • Scuttle Town is a location in the Shantae series. However, Scuttle Town is known as ''Burning Town''.
  • Its background is extremely realistic Like in real life's Egyptian towns and background based on Sahara Desert.[1]
  • Its gameplay is inspired by a video game called ''Prince of Persia."

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