Sharp Minor
Sharp Minor
Level Information
Creator ASonicMen & GironDavid
Difficulty Insane Demon Insane Demon
Stars 10Star
Level ID 10312917
Song Sharp Minor
Composer Rukkus (a.k.a. NightKilla)

Sharp Minor is a moderately difficult Nine Circles demon by ASonicMen and GironDavid. It is generally considered a medium/hard demon.

Description Edit

Sharp Minor is a Nine Circles level that is considered difficult for its tight spaces and some awkward timings. The first mini wave is also quite annoying, because it requires extensive mashing, has awkward timings, and sawblades that make it very hard to fit in the spaces properly.


The level starts with a moderately difficult cube with some tricky jumps and 3-4 bugs. After the cube part, the player will transform into a moderately difficult and very annoying UFO containing many size and gravity changers, with tight spaces and precise timings. This UFO is followed by a mini ball slightly easier than the first UFO, but contains fake lines and a couple of annoying maze sections. After the ball, the player will transform into a triple speed cube that involves many fake lines that can easily confuse the player, with jump rings in gravity portals being right after almost every jump. After the triple speed segment, the cube gets fairly easier and becomes nearly auto. After the cube, the player enters the infamous Nine Circles wave and the beat drops. There are many tight spaces, mash segments, and awkward timings that constantly switch between the normal and mini waves. This can be considered one of the more unique Nine Circles waves, due to its weird gameplay and awkward use of blocks to try to make the player fail. Near the end of the wave, the text "GO! GO! GO!" can be seen flashing, cheering the player on to the end. The last ball is actually not as hard and tricky as the first one, and is far more simple, but is tricky enough to cause some players to fail at the very end for an infuriating fail in the 90% range. The end involves a cube with a few more easy jumps and is half auto. The level ends with Giron and ASonic's names, with the last text "GJ".

Fails Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Sharp Minor is the only demon Nine Circles to end with "GJ" instead of "GG" like other Nine Circles levels may have.
  • Sharp Minor, Antique Circles, Down BassCrying Souls and Quasar are the only Nine Circles Levels which feature a UFO segment.
    • Sonic Wave used to have a UFO sequence in the old version. It was one of the few levels to get rated (including Crying Souls and several others) with a UFO in the "circles" part.
  • This level inspired an another one, The RealistiK.
  • This is one of the few Nine Circles collabs, the other being Circulatum.
  • Unlike the majority of Nine Circles levels, this one doesn't have a dual portal, just like Sweet Dreams.
  • This is the only level to use invisible saws+fake gears instead of colored saws during the wave.
  • This is the only Nine Circles level to feature a Cataclysm designed ball.

Walkthrough Edit

Geometry Dash - Sharp Minor -DEMON- - By- GironDavid (On Stream)

Geometry Dash - Sharp Minor -DEMON- - By- GironDavid (On Stream)

Credit to Riot.