Country New Zealand
Age Unknown
Levels 38 (none starred)
Other Info
Position Unknown
YouTube Channel [1]

Shufo is an unnoticed creator and player. He currently has over 2000 stars, over 100 Secret Coins, nearly 300 User Coins, and 40 demons. He makes collabs with SRY4U. He is good at making levels, but all of his levels are underrated due to him being unpopular. Like SRY4U, he is from New Zealand.

Levels Edit

  • Cant Let Go 2017 (Hardest Level)
  • Stereo Darkness (First Long Level)
  • Hell Maze (First Collab And A Start Of A Series)
  • Collab 2-5
  • If Spikes were good
  • AfterTroll

Trivia Edit

  • He posts comments and uploads levels very often.
  • Plays TF2