Level Information
Creator Chase97
Difficulty Medium Demon Medium Demon
Stars 10 Star
Level ID 18025697
Song SideStep
Composer AeronMusic

Sidestep is a 2.0 Medium Demon created by ChaSe97. It is considered by many players to be underrated, being described as a Hard Demon instead. It was originally an Easy Demon. It is the first level in the Demon Gauntlet.


The level starts with a simple mini-cube section with a few easy jumps. Next, after completing a few basic jumps, the player transitions into a rather tricky mini-ship sequence, which constantly changes gravity (reminiscent of Cycles) and size. A mini-ball segment is next, attempting to confuse the player by putting spikes in places the player seemingly must dodge, but in fact are actually harmless.

The music drops, and the player begins to rapidly change form from wave, UFO, cube, ship, ball, wave, cube, wave, and finally ball, with each form lasting no more than a couple of seconds. After the last ball, the player transitions into a transitory cube, and then jumps into another deluge of form transitions - although the transitions are a bit slower this time around. Here, the ship sequences and the UFO segments need quite a bit of straight-fly skill and dexterity to pass. The level then enters dual cube mode in an already confusing segment, with moving blocks and constant size change. After a while, the player enters dual ball mode, changing to same-gravity a couple of times. A fast-paced ship sequence is next, requiring some sense of straight fly to pass; a fast and tricky cube follows, which soon changes into a fast wave, then a fast UFO, then a fast wave, then a fast cube, and then, finally, a half speed ship sequence. After a couple of tricky spike-dodging, the level ends with pixel art of the level's name and the creator's name mashed together.


-DEMON?- - Sidestep - ChaSe97 (me) - Geometry Dash

-DEMON?- - Sidestep - ChaSe97 (me) - Geometry Dash

Credits to ChaSe97