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Level Information
Creator MisterM
Difficulty Harder Harder
Stars 6 Star
Level ID 14788783
Song The Signalist
Composer OcularNebula

Sightline is a 2.0 Harder 6* level created by MisterM. It introduces a new concept of form mazes (when certain walls are not visible to the form, they will disappear when visible again, revealing the passage). There are no coins in this level.


This level starts with a cube section with several platforms and saw blades moving, forming several passages for the cube to go on. Rainbow lights will appear every time the blocks move.

Next, the player enters a ship sequence. There is a wall that has an inaccessible part that will disappear after one loop. After the loop, the wall near the beginning will disappear, and you will be able to access the inaccessible part, which leads to the ball sequence.

At the ball sequence, you have to flip a lot because of the sawblades and platforms. After reaching the U-turn, the area before that will disappear, and the portal to the UFO sequence will appear.

Then, the UFO sequence comes in. It does not involve disappearing walls, but if you reach a dead end that has text that says "Thanks for playing" and "Sightline by MisterM", the saw blades will disappear when the sequence goes very fast in reverse. The wall on the left of the beginning will also disappear as well.


  • The password for the level, 001100 (or just 1100), is the number 12 in binary.


Geometry Dash - Sightline - By MisterM

Geometry Dash - Sightline - By MisterM

Credits to Norcda Childa.