Silent Circles
Level Information
Creator Cyrillic and Sailent
Difficulty Harder Harder
Stars 0Star
Level ID 12169905
Song Supernova
Composer Xtrullor

Silent Circles is a very popular and impossible Nine Circles level by Cyrillic and Sailent. This is the most liked impossible level in-game and is infamous for continuing the "silent" series.

Description Edit

This level utilizes a purple and blue color scheme. It was among the first levels to introduce the impossible one space triple speed mini wave, and this has since been replicated into other impossible levels such as Satan's Circles by Zeb.

Gameplay Edit

The level starts off with a fairly simple cube section unlocked by a key, with a few tricky timings, but not too difficult otherwise. It then quickly goes into a very difficult ship section with mirroring and gravity portals. The next cube segment is impossible, and the wave is then introduced. This wave is also impossible due to ridiculously tight mini wave mashing that cannot be accomplished by a human. The next dual segment is also impossible, because the wave is mashed beyond human accomplishment as well. After this, more impossibility follows as the wave consists of an impossibly tiny gap for a dual player wave to go through. At the end a mini wave has to go through a gap that normally a big wave would go through, followed by an even harder section where a mini wave goes through the middle of two spikes with one block to go through, which is practically impossible at triple speed. In addition, there are also invisible blue orbs which make the mini wave even harder. The level ends with a second key with Cyrillic and Sailent's names.

Trivia Edit

  • Supernova Circles, an easy and nerfed version of Silent Circles, had been rated demon for less than ten minutes. After Riot stated that Supernova Circles was hacked, it was immediately unrated a few minutes later, making it one of the quickest levels to get unstarred after its rating, alongside with Belly Circles by Flozo88, an ocher colored level using "Bionic Belly Button" by Fantomenk: it got featured at just 80 likes, but lost its stars few minutes later.
  • ToshDeluxe made an automatic version of this level, and it was rated with 1 star until it was unrated due to being an auto copy of a level.

Video Edit

Geometry Dash - SILENT CIRCLES - by Cyrillic & Sailent (Impossible)

Geometry Dash - SILENT CIRCLES - by Cyrillic & Sailent (Impossible)

Credit to ToshDeluxe.