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Sine Wavs (RespectVG)
Screenshot 2016-07-13-14-44-23
Level Information
Creator RespectVG
Difficulty Insane Insane
Stars 0 Star
Level ID Unknown
Song Sine Wavs
Composer Rukkus

Sine Wavs is a Nine Circles level made by RespectVG. It is considered an easy demon.


This level's color scheme is a bright white/light grey. It didn't have much decoration then, but RespectVG updated the level to give it more decoration. As well as nerfing the level itself.


The level starts with a cube with an assortment of gravity orbs. Then it goes to a ship that has some gravity switches with some two space flying. Then the level moves to a really easy ball with a few jump rings. Then it goes to the buildup, a cube maze with a fairly easy difficulty. After that, the player goes through a wave with a few tight spaces, gravity and size Portals, and a few fake lines. Then the player goes through a small UFO section with some sawblades here and there, transitioning back to the wave. At one point, a one space wave was introduced into the level. The dual wave follows up before going back to the normal wave, then going  through a mini ship RespectVG's signature. In the nerfed version, it says "Respect" and "10★". After that, the level ends.


  • This level is in the early section of Nine Circles levels.
  • Despite the grayscale theme, the background flashes occasionally to yellow during the drop.


Geometry Dash - Sine Wavs (Demon) by R3sp3ctVG (me)00:54

Geometry Dash - Sine Wavs (Demon) by R3sp3ctVG (me)

Credit to RespectVG.

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