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Sine Wavs is a Nine Circles level created by RespectVG. It is considered an easy demon.

Description Edit

This level's color scheme is a bright white/light grey. It didn't have much decoration then, but RespectVG updated the level to give it more decoration. As well as nerfing the level itself.

Gameplay Edit

The level starts with a cube with an assortment of gravity orbs. Then it goes to a ship that has some gravity switches with some two space flying. Then the level moves to a really easy ball with a few jump rings. Then it goes to the buildup, a cube maze with a fairly easy difficulty. After that, the player goes through a wave with a few tight spaces, gravity and size Portals, and a few fake lines. Then the player goes through a small UFO section with some sawblades here and there, transitioning back to the wave. At one point, a one space wave was introduced into the level. The dual wave follows up before going back to the normal wave, then going  through a mini ship RespectVG's signature. In the nerfed version, it says "Respect" and "10★". After that, the level ends.

Trivia Edit

  • This level is in the early section of Nine Circles levels.
  • Despite the grayscale theme, the background flashes occasionally to yellow during the drop.

Video Edit

Geometry Dash - Sine Wavs (Demon) by R3sp3ctVG (me)

Geometry Dash - Sine Wavs (Demon) by R3sp3ctVG (me)

Credit to RespectVG.