Level Information
Creator Manix648 (Verified by Toxic)
Difficulty Demon Hard Demon
Stars 10Star
Level ID 16560264
Song Space Battle
Composer F-777

SiriusX is a demon level created by Manix648 and verified by Toxic. It is a remake of Sirius and therefore has a similar style. However, the colour is blue. Due to memorization and difficult segments, this level is generally considered to be a medium demon.

Description Edit

The first cube contains a large glowing pulsing object, with several lasers and 3D effect text. It is based around moderately tight spike jumps and tapping orbs. Then the ball part appears with the black circle in the middle, with Sirius inspired effects and hexagonal block designs. It requires some memory of which orbs to tap and where to tap. Then there is a ship part. It has Serponge's hexagon effect, as well as a large spinning object in the center. It contains several glowing lasers that kill the player, as well as a few gravity portals. Then it goes into an auto ship part inspired by Sirius. It has similar effects, but starts slower. Then there is the drop of the level, with 3D text showing "TIME TO DIE!". The boss's background is a glowing background with lots of pulsing squares and hexagons. There are monsters that pulse across the ground and ceiling, as well as black moving pulsing squares. The boss is inspired by the boss from Sirius, but it has 2 arms. The main body of the boss shoots a large laser out of its eye, while the 2 arms fire circular deadly objects. After this, it goes into an auto robot part with the text "Dedicated to Funnygame".

Trivia Edit

  • Manix648 couldn't verify due to lag.
  • So far, this is the only remake of -Sirius- that was rated.

Walkthrough Edit

SiriusX by Manix(me) Medium Demon- Verified by Toxic

SiriusX by Manix(me) Medium Demon- Verified by Toxic