The Skill Ranking system is a system determining how much skill you have. The system is made by FaZed.

0-100: You are a noob. You should work on beating Stereo Madness and Back on Track.

101-199: A little better, but not very good. Enough to beat the first 6 or 7 levels.

200-299: Quite decent, but still needs practice. You can beat harder and insane rated levels.

300-399: Fairly skilled, enough to beat some easy demons such as The Lightning Road and Platinum Adventure.

400-499: Somewhat skilled. You can beat usual easy demons and some medium demons.

500-599: Skilled. You can beat most medium and easy demons and some hard demons like Spacelocked.

600-699: Very skilled. You can beat most hard demons and some insane demons.

700-799: Extremely skilled. You can beat most insane demons, and a few extreme demons. Not crazy ones like Bloodbath and Bausha Vortex, but some reasonable ones like Duelo Maestro, Cataclysm, and The JanuS Miracle.

800-899: Cyclic. You are a total tank. Extreme demons better be ready. You can beat extreme demons like Bloodbath, The Ultimate Phase, and Blade of Justice.

900-999: Riot. Straight Fly Champion. You can beat extreme demons like Bausha Vortex, Devil Vortex, and Sakupen Hell.

1000+: NoctaFly. You are one of the best players in the world. Nothing stands in your path. Yatagarasu, Erebus, Artificial Ascent, and Sonic Wave are not a problem.

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