Skitten is a Geometry Dash player and creator. He is known for creating decent levels. He is one of the top creators in Geometry Dash, he often streams his levels and gameplay.

Country Singapore
Age 14
Levels 35 (30 starred)
Other Info
Crew none
Position None
YouTube Channel [1]


  • The Shredder (demon collab with Sandstorm)
  • Dragon Dance
  • Reign of the Dragons
  • Celestial Radiance (collab with Morphix)
  • Purgatory
  • Shadowed
  • Reflected
  • Rippled
  • Transcend (collab with Echonox)
  • VTech (collab with Defiant, similar to Techno Blaster)
  • Nullimi (collab with CutieKitty)
  • Socius (collab with CutieKitty)
  • Vanilla (collab with TamaN and JerkRat)
  • Spiritual Evolution
  • Penumbra
  • WinterTide
  • Solarium (Collab with RicoLP)
  • Hyperactive
  • Paradise
  • Fusion Bolt


  • He is known for being obssessed with cats.
  • He often shows "montages" of other player's levels on his Youtube.
  • He has a texture pack "Aquarius".
  • He is also known for having the "level suggesting" ability, the ability to send levels to RobTop and gets rated. This is also available to many more creators such as Viprin and Dhafin.
  • He got hacked on May 15, 2016. All of his levels that required effort were replaced with the words "Another Strike :)" and "RIP Skitten."
    • The hacker was thought to be CyberX257, but days later, RobTop has found the actual hacker's IP address. It was revealed that the hacker lives in Venezuela, and is being reported.
    • All of Skitten's levels were restored on May 16, 2016, a day after the hack.
    • On late August 2016, Skitten was hacked again, this time by Anaban. The hacker changed the level's description and made the level N/A, as if Skitten had 2.1.
  • He posted two free layouts, for people to copy, decorate and publish.

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