Not to be confused with Skrillex Party.

Skrillex Right In
Level Information
Creator ScpLanst GW (GW SuperNight)
Difficulty Insane Insane
Stars 0 Star
Level ID 8064617
Song Right In
Composer Skrillex

Skrillex Right In is a level created by ScpLanst GW (Formerly known as GW SuperNight), the creator of the very hard level called Lezicuv. Due to the level's extremely hard difficulty, it is often regarded as a very hard or Insane Demon. However, the level is currently unrated due to it being verified by hacks. As of recently, a player named Satcho has verified a buffed and redesigned remake of the level named Right In legitimately which was designed by a creator named TMNGaming, where it gained a demon rating.

Gameplay Edit

The level starts a hard and confusing cube segment, the part is very similar to Alphabet X's first part, (only albeit in Update 1.9) then followed by a double speed ball mode, then in the last part of the ball mode, the speed briefly turns into 0.5 speed.

The song drops as the game mode is followed by a very hard and annoying cube mode, which is probably a way more harder than the first one.

Then, the player enters a ship sequence, which consists of straight flying and gravity segments. This part is quite annoying due to the amount of gravity, speed and mirror portals designed to disorient the player, then halfway the level turns into a triple speed again, with many gravity changes (the gameplay of this part mimics the same gameplay of that of 8o's 68% part).

The speed of the ship mode turns into slow, and the words "HOW?" can be seen, then followed by a brief straight-flying triple speed ship sequence. After that, the game mode is then an auto cube mode, which briefly turns into a slow dual cube.

The speed then changes into triple, and followed by an extremely hard and annoying dual mini cube segment, this can be quite frustrating especially to those players who are inexperienced to some dual cube mode like this due to the huge amount of hard timing, invisible blocks, and bugs. This part obviously mimics Evasium's part in Supersonic. Then, the next segment is a brief double ball mode, which is then followed by a brief ship mode halfway through.

The next game mode is then followed by an another very hard dual mini cube mode, which turns into a single normal-sized cube mode. (Note that this part is auto again). The player must watch their icons in gravity mode and he/she must quickly tap 2 yellow jump rings or else will crash. The next game mode is now, a hard ball mode with too many fakes, jump rings, gravity portals, and speed changes.

Then, the game mode is then followed by an extremely hard dual ship mode due to the precised timings, tight spaces, and size changes, the wave mode turns mini briefly then normal at the end, then followed by an another ship mode with gravity changes.

The next segment is a slow but moderately hard mini wave mode, then is followed by a triple-speed ship mode.

After that, the level ends with the creator's name (SCP Lanst) with a "GG". Also, the player go through a 1-block space, if the player didn't time his/her jumps correctly, he/she will crash into an invisible spike, causing a 98% fail and even causing a rage.

Trivia Edit

  • The remake of the level was rated rather than the original one.
  • The level described above is about the newest updated version. Before the update, this level was much less decorated, though about the same difficulty, but with a secret way. Then the old level was deleted. The old level is copied on Energy's account, with the secret way removed.
  • This level was formerly considered impossible, like Ice Carbon Diablo X.

Crashes/Fails Edit

  • SrGuillester crashed at 80-85%.
  • MaxiS9 also crashed at 80% and at 83%.

Walkthrough Edit

Geometry Dash - Skrillex right in 100% GAMEPLAY Online (Scp Lanst) HARD DEMON

Geometry Dash - Skrillex right in 100% GAMEPLAY Online (Scp Lanst) HARD DEMON

Credits to MaxiS9!