Smokes v21
Country Chile
Age 16
Levels 4 (4 starred)
Other Info
Crew Unknown
Position 184 (Global)
YouTube Channel [1]
Smokes (xSmoKes in-game) is an extremely skilled Chilean player and popular level creator in Geometry Dash. He has beaten numerous demons like Cataclysm, A Bizarre Phantasm, ICDX, Galatic Fragility, Crimson Clutter, The Ultimate Phase and Bloodbath. He also participated in the Extreme Demon mega-collaboration Phobos.
  • Demon levels
  • Normal levels
    • Harder
      • Blast Extraction
    • Insane
      • Armored Zone
  • Deleted levels
    • Nexus
    • Xtreme Cycles
    • Hyper Hexagonest
    • Funstep
    • Theory of Gamer
    • Auto The Nightmare
    • Infernal Void
    • Chaotic Passage
    • The Old Theory
    • Electro Party