Someguy28 v4
Country Canada
Age 15
Levels 21 (None starred)
Other Info
Crew GH, n_O, TI, GF.
Position N/A
YouTube Channel [1]

someguy28 is a Canadian Geometry Dash player and creator.

He has beaten some very hard demons including Ultrasonic and Rearmed.

On April 15, 2016, he beat the old version of Cataclysm legitimately.


  • Never be Alone - his very first level.
  • 211 - a Nine Circles remake.
  • Flirt Flirt - his first 2.0 level.
  • Windy Valley - his second 2.0 level.


  • He was born on November 6, 2001.
  • He is a Geometry Dash Fan Wikia user.
  • He makes his own Geometry Dash profile pictures.
  • His first name is Toby.

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